Why Can’t Women Be CEOs?

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Have you ever wondered why tech companies maintain a male-centric environment, even though women are just as competent?

 Rather than encouraging diversity, tech companies diminish it. In addition, the tech industries often go as far as paying male employees around 21% more than what females get. To top it off, recent studies continue to show that gender diversity in the workforce contributes to a company’s success.

The bottom line? Many tech companies are not only capping the potential for their company to grow, they are paying more because of it. And by doing so, they encourage a male-centric environment and the gender gap.

Can this irony mean that tech companies continue to hire men more than women because they feel threatened by these women in power? According to research, the answer is yes. In one study, men divided a company’s bonus differently based on how they viewed their female boss. If they viewed her as ambitious, they kept more of the bonus for themselves. If they saw her as proactive, they gave her more than half of the bonus.

In addition, assertive women working in tech are perceived as being more aggressive, illogical and hard to work with than men who exhibit the same behavior. This weakens women as it makes it harder for them to compete in a highly aggressive workplace.

These are important issues to acknowledge in a time that many depend on to enforce equality. What message are we sending our daughters when we say “treat others the way you want to be treated” when in truth, this doesn’t matter. Society seems to have already made up its mind on how to treat women.

We can take this issue into our own hands and teach girls to continue chasing their dreams, especially if there are social barriers to break down. The tech industry strives to stay competitive, but rather than accommodating the communities they serve, they undermine those who contribute most to its success. As long as these discriminations persist, the greatest asset tech industries have in achieving success and thriving remains out of reach.

Getting girls to code is our silver bullets to solve the current gender gap in tech, what will yours be? 

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