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Award-winning coding curriculum for after-school clubs and camps.

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With CodeMonkey’s teacher kit and support team, anyone can teach the basics of computer science

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real coding languages

CodeMonkey's courses teach text-based coding so students learn to program like a real developer

codemonkey's game-based courses

game-based learning

Kids learn coding in an engaging and rewarding environment that utilizes gaming elements

CodeMonkey offers an engaging and enjoyable curriculum for after-school clubs and camps. Whether a student is just starting out or already has some experience, a coding after-school program can help them take their skills to the next level. 

After school programs play a crucial role in providing students a chance to expand their knowledge and develop new skills in a supportive and engaging environment. CodeMonkey’s coding platform is an excellent after school program, especially for students interested in computer science. After school programs provide an opportunity to delve deeper into coding, programming, and other related subjects, under the guidance of instructors  that encourage after school courses like courses like CodeMonkey.

after school coding class

Students who participate in after school computer science programs like CodeMonkey’s coding courses have the chance to gain a unique learning experience and develop their technical abilities. This is so beneficial for their future academic and career choices.

After school programs play a vital role in helping students achieve their full potential and prepare for success in the ever-evolving digital world. Computer science courses are quickly gaining traction to becoming more integrated into the standard curriculum, so why not give your students a head-start? 

CODEMONKEY'S After School Courses

Our courses are suitable for all types of after school programs including virtual!
Suitable for kids of different ages and experiences.

pre-coding for preschoolers

Block-based coding
Pre-K & K

Block-based coding
1 & 2 grade

Math & coding practice
2-4 grade

Text-based coding
3-5 grade

Game design courses
6-8 grade

Game creation courses
6-8 grade

Python course
6-8 grade

Python & Chatbot course
6-8 grade

Game creation courses
2nd grade and up

Digital Use/Digital Citizenship
3rd grade and up


1 WEEK ONLY games that change monthly!
1st grade and up

All courses are included in your CodeMonkey subscription!

No coding experience required for after-school programs

CodeMonkey is designed as a platform with fully-guided lesson plans, making it accessible to instructors in after-school programs, regardless of their prior coding experience. Our comprehensive resources ensure that anyone can teach the CodeMonkey courses, even without a background in Computer Science.

CodeMonkey provides fully-guided lesson plans tailored for after-school programs. CodeMonkey also offers detailed complementary video tutorials for our lesson plans.

Monitor & assess kids' progress

Our Teacher Dashboard is designed to streamline the monitoring of student progress in after-school programs, saving you time and effort. With the dashboard, you can effortlessly track the advancement of your students in the courses and assess their performance. This simplifies the process of identifying areas where students may be facing challenges, enabling you to address those topics effectively. Additionally, our automatic grading system is a time-saving feature that simplifies the assessment of students.

Why do coding courses make for great after-school programs?

Learn new skills (like coding!) you wouldn’t always get during regular school classes.
After-school programs provide opportunities for children to make new friends!
Help children build self-esteem, increase confidence, and develop a sense of belonging.
After-school clubs and camps provide a safe and supervised environment for children after school hours.
Spark a student’s interest in the field of computer science by introducing them to coding. 


CodeMonkey, a leading game-based learning platform, teaches students eight years and older the fundamental principles of computer programming. Founded in 2014, CodeMonkey products are designed to maximize engagement and user experience to introduce students to foundational computer programming skills. Using real programming languages and scalability for all learning environments, CodeMonkey provides a turnkey solution for educators by offering basic training, management and reporting tools, automatic grading and detailed tutorials for teachers and real time feedback for students.

Courses are browser-based and require an active Internet connection. The platform can be used with Desktops / Laptops / Tablets / iPads.

The programming language used in CodeMonkey is called CoffeeScript. It’s a language that compiles to JavaScript, and similarly to JavaScript it is used in the industry primarily for web applications. We chose this language for a few reasons, but mainly because of its friendly syntax, which resembles the way we write in English, compared to other programming languages.

Yes you can! Every package includes access to CodeMonkey’s Classroom Dashboard, which helps teachers view and monitor student progress. 

Through the dashboard you can see how far your students have progressed through the courses and how well they have performed. You will also gain access to perfect solutions, an automatic gradebook, and more!

CodeMonkey is designed as a platform that is fully-guided and intuitive. This means that anyone can enjoy CodeMonkey’s After-school Package, no prior computer programming experience required!

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