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With CodeMonkey’s teacher kit and support team, anyone can teach the basics of computer science

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CodeMonkey's courses teach text-based coding so students learn to program like a real developer

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game-based learning

Kids learn coding in an engaging and rewarding environment that utilizes gaming elements

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The best way to prepare your camp and campers for the Digital Age!

CodeMonkey’s summer camp package is a fun way to teach your campers real programming language. CodeMonkey’s courses do not require previous coding experience from instructors or students!

CodeMonkey will provide your students with a unique and exciting opportunity to gain one of the most valuable and essential skills needed for success in the modern world.


Our courses are suitable for all types of camps including virtual, with kids of different ages and experience.

Block-based coding for Pre-K & K

Block-based coding for 1 & 2 grade

Math & coding practice for 2-4 grade

Text-based coding for 3-5 grade

Game design courses for 6-8 grade

Game creation courses for 6-8 grade

Python course for 6-8 grade

Python & Chatbot course for 6-8 grade

No previous experience in coding required

CodeMonkey is designed as a platform with fully-guided lessons plans. This means that every instructor can teach the Codemonkey courses, even though they have no prior experience in Computer Science.

  • We provide you with fully-guided lessons plans.
  • We offer detailed complementary video tutorials for our lesson plans.

Monitor & assess kids' progress

With our Teacher Dashboard, we save you both time and effort when monitoring kids’ progress.

  • Through the dashboard you can see how far your campers have progressed through the courses and how well they have performed.
    This in turn makes it easier to find a topic in which the kids were struggling with and address it specifically.
  • Our automatic grading system saves you much needed time assessing the kids.

Text-based coding

It is hard to imagine life without software usage today and text-based coding is a fundamental part of this process and can better prepare children to the 21st century.

  • Learning how to code does not only teach children how to solve problems with IT, but it actually help to nurture creativity, logic, critical thinking and problem solving skills that can be applied in both their professional and personal lives, now and in the future.
  • Text-based coding is the preferred computer language used today in 99% of all software products.

Full Support of Virtual Camps and Remote Learning classes

Students can progress in Codemonkey at their own pace at home. There are instructions and user-adapted hints and tips throughout the game.

Teachers have exclusive access to a dashboard where they can track student progress and achievements, review different students’ solutions and provide feedback. 

Award-winning Coding Solution

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CodeMonkey, a leading game-based learning platform, teaches students eight years and older the fundamental principles of computer programming. Founded in 2014, CodeMonkey products are designed to maximize engagement and user experience to introduce students to foundational computer programming skills. Using real programming languages and scalability for all learning environments, CodeMonkey provides a turnkey solution for educators by offering basic training, management and reporting tools, automatic grading and detailed tutorials for teachers and real time feedback for students.

If you are using CodeMonkey on a Desktop or Laptop: The only thing you need is a relatively up-to-date version of either Firefox, Chrome, Explorer or Safari, and an internet connection. Code Rush challenges are not accessible using tablets. For more details, please contact us here.

No, CodeMonkey is completely web based and does not require you to install anything.

The programming language used in CodeMonkey is called CoffeeScript. It’s a language that compiles to JavaScript, and similarly to JavaScript it is used in the industry primarily for web applications. We chose this language for a few reasons, but mainly because of its friendly syntax, which resembles the way we write in English, compared to other programming languages.

Yes you can! Every package includes access to CodeMonkey’s Classroom Dashboard, which helps teachers view and monitor student progress. 

Through the dashboard you can see how far your students have progressed through the courses and how well they have performed. You will also gain access to perfect solutions, an automatic gradebook, and more!

Not at all! CodeMonkey is designed as a platform that is fully-guided and intuitive. This means that anyone can enjoy CodeMonkey’s After-school Package, no prior computer programming experience required!

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