Teach block-based coding
with codemonkey's friendly beaver!

Beaver Achiever - coding blocks for kids

Help a Beaver Achieve its Goals!

Dive into this beaver’s natural habitat with three fun-packed coding courses that will jump-start your students’ coding education.

made with schools in mind


The entire course leverages block-based coding, which simplifies the process of computer programming. Rather than writing out the code, students will drag and drop coding blocks that represent code. This means that students won’t have to worry about their reading and writing skills in order to play.


Beaver Achiever was made with 1st and 2nd graders in mind. The minimal text throughout the course makes it the perfect solution for early readers. With its fun graphics, intuitive interface and easy-to-follow instructions, students will quickly catch on!


You do not need any prior coding experience to successfully roll out Beaver Achiever in your classroom. With CodeMonkey’s classroom dashboard, you will have all the support you need.

assist a beaver with its dam house smoothies


The first Beaver Achiever courses is a pre-requisite for the other two and consists of helping the beaver build a dam in the lake. As students drop one log on top of the other, they will learn sequences and loops. Includes 40 challenges.


In the second activity, students will help the beaver build a home by the lake. Using conditional loops, students will chop wooden planks in order to help this little achiever complete the last wall in the house. Includes 35 challenges.


The final activity takes place at a smoothie stand where the beaver hosts a smoothie party. Students will use if/else conditions to determine which recipe to serve different customers. Includes 40 challenges.

Enter a beaver's world where
game-based coding is in the forefront!

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Start teaching your students the basics of Computer Science and prepare them for the future!

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Beaver Achiever does not teach a programming language, rather it helps build computational thinking through the use of block-based programming.

There are a total of three short coding activities that each focus on a different coding concept. 

Beaver Achiever is for 6+ years old (Grades 1st-2nd)

Yes, since Beaver Achieve is browser-based, it requires an active Internet connection.

Nope! Beaver Achiever does not require any prior coding experience on either from either teachers or students.