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Give your child the opportunity to learn how to code in a fun and engaging way with a platform that is perfect for homeschooling. Homeschooling can also provide a safe and supportive learning environment, free from distractions and negative outside influences. Home-schooled children often have strong bonds with their families and quickly develop self-discipline, independence, and strong critical thinking skills. These skills are even more accelerated with a CodeMonkey coding education. 

Parents or home tutors can provide a child with individualized attention and tailored education, based on their individual level coding level. As their educator, you get to set goals and establish a schedule that fits best! Determine how much time each day or week you and your child want to dedicate to coding, and set specific goals for what you want your child to achieve. CodeMonkey makes it easy.

Strategies to make your coding homework go more smoothly

Benefits of Home School

One-on-one teaching
Tailored to your child’s needs
Eliminates possible negative outside influences
Control the study session
Save time
Parent-child bonding
Safe learning environment
Improve independent study: Focus and Self-discipline

CODEMONKEY'S HomeSchool Courses

Our courses are suitable for all types of homeschool programs including virtual!
Suitable for kids of different ages and experiences.

Block-based coding
Pre-K & K

Block-based coding
1 & 2 grade

Math & coding practice
2-4 grade

Text-based coding
3-5 grade

Game design courses
6-8 grade

Game creation courses
6-8 grade

Python course
6-8 grade

Python & Chatbot course
6-8 grade

Game creation courses
2nd grade and up

Digital Use/Digital Citizenship
3rd grade and up


1 WEEK ONLY games that change monthly!
1st grade and up

All courses are included in your CodeMonkey subscription!

codemonkey ready to teach


With CodeMonkey’s teacher kit and support team, anyone can teach the basics of computer science

codemonkey ready to learn how to program

real coding languages

CodeMonkey's courses teach text-based coding so students learn to program like a real developer

codemonkey's game-based courses

game-based learning

Kids learn coding in an engaging and rewarding environment that utilizes gaming elements

What Parents are Saying

Why use CodeMonkey for HomeSchooling?

On CodeMonkey’s coding platform is an excellent fit for homeschooled kids providing a self-paced, fun, and easy way for kids to learn to code. The platform allows kids to progress through the lessons and challenges at their own pace, without the pressure of keeping up with a traditional classroom setting. CodeMonkey uses gamification to make coding fun and engaging for kids, which helps to keep their attention and motivation levels high. Homeschooled children need to keep engaged and focused while learning at home. CodeMonkey is just the right tool for this! 

CodeMonkey is accessible from any device with an internet connection, making it an ideal option for homeschooled kids who do not have access to traditional classrooms or resources. With pandemics, remote locations, personal issues etc., homeschooling is the right choice for many parents today. CodeMonkey is an excellent choice for homeschooled kids who want to develop their coding skills and build the foundations for a future career.


CodeMonkey’s coding platform is designed for students K-8. We have a course for all these grade levels and experience levels. You can view the coding pathway on our Courses page.

Courses are browser-based and require an active Internet connection. The platform can be used with Desktops / Laptops / Tablets / iPads.

The programming language used in CodeMonkey is called CoffeeScript. It’s a language that compiles to JavaScript, and similarly to JavaScript it is used in the industry primarily for web applications. We chose this language for a few reasons, but mainly because of its friendly syntax, which resembles the way we write in English, compared to other programming languages.

The Individual parent account provides you with a parent dashboard where you can view your child’s progress and achievements.

The Home School package includes access to CodeMonkey’s Classroom Dashboard, which helps teachers view and monitor student progress. 

Through the dashboard you can see how far your students have progressed through the courses and how well they have performed. You will also gain access to perfect solutions, an automatic gradebook, and more!

CodeMonkey is designed as a platform that is fully guided and intuitive. This means that anyone can enjoy CodeMonkey’s After-school Package, no prior computer programming experience required!

Simply head to and have your child log-in either with their username and password OR using a Single Sign On (SSO) such as Google, Office365, Clever or ClassLink.

What better way to bond with your child and give them an educational experience they enjoy?

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