About us

write code. catch bananas. save the world

“We are a team of experts in technology, gaming and pedagogy who together solve the equation of learning to code.”
Jonathan Schor

Our story

We believe that the old fashioned ways of learning should be challenged, and new learning resources are the bright future of education systems worldwide. When we design our products we focus on engagement and user experience in order to achieve a fun, effective learning process. We foster deep understanding of technology and pedagogy, and the result is a product that teachers can use without fear, and kids enjoy tremendously.

Since we started to code as 4th graders in the 1990’s, we knew how powerful code literacy can be for a child’s future. CodeMonkey was founded in 2014, based on Jonathan’s successful experiences in teaching young children to code through playful activities. Today, at CodeMonkey, we are bringing fun, knowledge and opportunity into the lives of millions of learners around the world.

Our mission

We envision a global playful learning experience where the next generations of coders are born and raised.

We aim to create an engaging platform where programming knowledge is acquired alongside 21st century skills through collaboratively playing and solving puzzles, inventing, creating and sharing.

2018 – June

Dodo Does Math is launched

2017 – June

Won national government adoption with Argentina’s School of the Future

2016 – july

Became a member of CSforAll Consortium in the USA

2016 – february

Won 1st place at FETC

2015 – October

1st place at the Credit Suisse
Hi-Tech Forum Awards

2015 – May

1st place at Milken Penn – GSE
Education Business Plan Awards

2014 – december

Partnering with Code.org as part of the Hour of Code Initiative

2014 – January

CodeMonkey is born

2018 – june

Winners of the SIIA CODiE awards

2017 – november

Winners of the Parents’ Choice awards

2016 – november

Game Builder is launched

2016 – march

1st national school competition with Israel’s Ministry of Education

2016 – January

Won national government adoption with Israel’s Ministry of Education

2015 – September

US office launched in NYC

2015 – march

National school competition in Israel with SanDisk

2014 – february

Coding Adventure is launched