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this month's special coding course where students become game creators!

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Coding Game for Kids

✦  Available for a limited time!

✦  On the Game Builder platform using block-based coding.

✦  The course includes 10 exercises. 

✦  Monthly activities can be played for all coding levels.

✦  Available for Schools, Home, and Trial users.


August 30 - September 29

'Packing for School'

Introducing a limited-time coding game exclusively available to CodeMonkey subscribers!

Calling all future game creators!  Get ready for Back-to-School with this fun game. The mission? Code a game where you create spinning items, await the right time, and then launch them into your trusty backpack!

This fun limited-time course, features a collection of 10 exercises that will keep kids engaged and wanting to progress in their coding education. 

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to help kids try out their game-creating skills!

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Monthly Activities can be played for all coding levels.

CodeMonkey courses are completely web-based, meaning there is no need to download anything prior.
Yes, an active Internet connection is required at all times.
CodeMonkey is available on web-based browsers.

Not at all! The holiday course does not require teachers to have any previous coding experience or knowledge.

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