We Placed 2nd at NOAH 2016!

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Thank You!

We couldn’t have done this without you!

Thanks to your amazing support CodeMonkey won 2nd Place at NOAH 2016 Startups Competition!

Winning this competition means we will have the amazing opportunity to present CodeMonkey on the main stage at the next NOAH 2017 conference in Berlin. Thank you for helping us help kids learn how to write REAL code.

If you haven’t seen CodeMonkey’s pitch at NOAH 2016 Startup Competition, you can watch it below.

Yishai Pinchover, CodeMonkey Co-Founder & COO pitch at NOAH 2016

Special congratulations to Norberto Ulloa Alejandro Martinez, the lucky raffle winner of a brand new Phantom drone!

See you all in NOAH 2017!

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