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Through game and project-based courses, kids as young as 8 use computer programming to solve puzzles and build games and chatbots.
codemonkey's game-based courses

gamified courses and projects

Kids learn coding in an engaging and rewarding environment that utilizes gaming elements.

codemonkey ready to teach

self-guided challenges

No previous experience needed. Each course includes instructions and user-adapted hints and tips.

codemonkey ready to learn how to program

real coding languages

CodeMonkey's courses teach text-based coding so kids learn to program like a real developer.

With CodeMonkey’s all-inclusive home plan, your child will learn to code in no time!


Why CodeMonkey?

CodeMonkey is user-friendly and intuitive. CodeMonkey takes a straight-forward approach, demonstrating that you can teach real text-based code in a manner that even 8-year-olds can understand. CodeMonkey is a web-based learning platform that offers a variety of computer science courses and tools. The platform teaches coding through step-by-step tutorials within a number of levels, or challenges.
CodeMonkey is a web-based learning platform that offers a variety of computer programming courses and tools that bridge the gap between wanting to code and becoming an expert in the field. The uniqueness of CodeMonkey stems from the fact that the platform teaches children real text-based programming from day one in an easy and game-like manner. The courses are user-friendly and intuitive so children can jump right into them without needing an introductory course or previous coding background.

As the world progresses further into the 21st century, programming is becoming a critical layer of all our lives.

Why learn coding?

As the world progresses further into the 21st century, programming is increasingly becoming a critical layer of all our lives. Coding is the language of much of the world around us. The time has come for children to develop the skills needed to not only use computers, but to understand how they work. In the future, not knowing the language of computers may be as hindering as being illiterate or innumerate is today.
Not all future jobs will require programming, but every child should at least be given the opportunity to try coding. The importance of computer science education is not necessarily about equipping the next generation to work as software engineers; rather, it is about introducing children at a young age to a discipline that they all too often never get the chance to form an opinion about. Coding helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, your child will gain a foundation for success in any career path. As a child solves problems through writing real code, they simultaneously develop 21st century skills like:
apps and devices


What will your child learn?

coding concepts

Through the CodeMonkey program, children will learn coding concepts such as:

chicken laughing


CoffeeScript, a useful coding language, is taught in Coding Adventure. Here’s are some reasons why:


Python is a widely used programming language in the real world. A few of CodeMonkey’s courses teach it, specifically Banana Tales. Find out why it is an industry favorite below:

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