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All access subscription to CodeMonkey’s award-winning courses.

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Why CodeMonkey?

CodeMonkey is a web-based learning platform that offers a variety of computer programming courses and tools that bridge the gap between wanting to code and becoming an expert in the field. The uniqueness of CodeMonkey stems from the fact that the platform teaches children programming from day one in an easy and gamified manner.
CodeMonkey is user-friendly and intuitive, so users can jump right in without any previous coding experience. Our award-winning block based and text based courses are great for children ages 5-14.



Block-based coding for Pre-K & K

Block-based coding for 1 & 2 grade

Math & coding practice for 2-4 grade

Text-based coding for 3-5 grade

Game design courses for 6-8 grade

Game creation courses for 6-8 grade

Python course for 6-8 grade

Python & Chatbot course for 6-8 grade

1 child and 1 parent accounts

3 child and 1 parent accounts

Award-winning Coding Solution

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best coding game for kids

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best coding game for kids


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best coding game for kids


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CodeMonkey, a leading game-based learning platform, teaches kids eight years and older the fundamental principles of computer programming. Founded in 2014, CodeMonkey products are designed to maximize engagement and user experience to introduce children to foundational computer programming skills.

Learning to program is an invaluable skill that helps to foster 21st century learning and problem-solving skills set that transfer beyond the Code.

Yes you can give a CodeMonkey subscription as a gift.

CodeMonkey can be used with learners between the ages of 5-14.

If using CodeMonkey on a Desktop or Laptop: The only thing needed is a relatively up-to-date version of either Firefox, Chrome, Explorer or Safari, and an internet connection. Code Rush challenges are not accessible using tablets. For more details, please contact us here.

No, CodeMonkey is completely web based and does not require you to install anything. All you need is the most updated version of your browser.

Not at all! CodeMonkey is designed as a platform that is fully-guided and intuitive. This means that anyone can enjoy CodeMonkey’s courses, no prior computer programming experience required!

Learning to code has many benefits for learners of all ages. Programming teaches skills such as problem-solving. Through debugging challenges on CodeMonkey student learn to critically think and dive into the problem and break it down into digestible pieces. The skills learned while working through the courses will translate well beyond the platform and beyond the code. These same skills are seen in everyday life, as well as concepts more traditionally taught in the classroom. Computer programming allows for students to learn the power of persistence and failing forward through the gamified scaffolded learning platform.  

Don’t just take our world for it. Try it today!

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Give a coding gift that everyone will love!

1 child and 1 parent accounts

3 child and 1 parent accounts