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Learn about AI machine learning, different usages of AI, train models and create games!

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AI for Kids
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Guided Courses, Reviews & Creation!

Explore the fascinating new world of AI with our engaging course, tailored for aspiring innovators grades 5-8! Covering crucial AI concepts from ethics to practical applications like image and language models, prompt engineering, machine learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, neural networks and more! 

Experience model training using image and pose models, then turn that knowledge into action by creating your very own games using the models you have trained! With 16 interactive lessons, including a slideshow guide and targeted review questions, CodeMonkey’s Artificial Intelligence course is the perfect introduction to the latest breakthrough technology in Computer Science.

Course Includes 16 Interactive Lessons 3 Creation Lessons

Topics covered:

AI is Fun!


Student’s learn about AI with guided lessons.

AI for Kids
Learn AI


Answer review questions with confidence.


Student create their own games using the models they have trained.

AI for Kids

Webcams Safety

What's Included

Yes! Our course is COPPA-compliant.

Your children’s privacy is of upmost importance to us. Children need to open their webcams for the creation games. Images are turned into vectors and the images are not collected or stored.

Teacher guides
Course explanations
Interactive Q&A’s
Creation games
Student review questions

AI for Kids


10+ years old (Grades 5th-8th)

16 lessons

Course is based on a slideshow guide with learning and review questions for each lesson. The course also teach you how to train a model – using image and pose models. Then, the student get to create their own games using the models they have trained.


No experience is needed to teach or learn about AI! 

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AI is an important course for any 21st-century student!

AI for Kids

Start teaching your students the basics and prepare them for using technology in our digital world!