Meet the Teacher: Frank Sanchez

Welcome to Meet the Teacher – CodeMonkey’s blog segment where teachers from all over the world share their experiences on what it’s like being an educator. Today’s post features Frank Sanchez who is a K-4th Grade Technology Applications Teacher at Meador Elementary School in Houston, Pasadena

“I was always pretty good with kids growing up and my history professor in college [influenced me].

It was a really rainy day and I was in a Philosophy class because I was a Pol. Sci. major and it was part of our course requirements. A gorgeous 50-60 something English professor came in to substitute [during] the 15-minute deadline before we were able to leave…She began to speak about Education and how fulfilling a career it is. She started asking all of the males in the class if they had ever considered Education because Schools needed ‘strong’, educated male role models in Education. She asked me and I told her that I was hoping to become a lawyer.

I remember [her] just saying how lawyers are “snakes in the grass” and they are only in it for the money and a lot of negativity. We started debating the topic and then she was making some very valid arguments that I couldn’t defend. I admired her passion so we extended the conversation afterwards in her office and later that day after the rain subsided I went and spoke to my Advisor about changing my major that day.

I feel being connected helps me broaden my expertise and stay up to date on all the new approaches. Being connected gives me a plethora of resources, to say the least. I am able at any given time to monitor the students and check their progress instantaneously which allows for one-on-one assistance and guidance. I can try to show how to find/present/model any lesson at any given time and at any given moment. I respect the freedom and flexibility it allows and provides. It’s important to me that my students receive the best possible teaching I can offer because they are our future.”

On Frank’s advice for teachers who are just now introducing educational technology into their classroom… “Be patient and know that they may get lost but it will not break them. Help them find their paths by being their guides.”

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