Events & Handlers Unplugged Activity

The following is an offline coding activity that will help your students better understand what Events & Handlers are. This activity was covered in CodeMonkey’s Game Builder webinar – Let the Games Begin! Game Builder in Your Classroom.

Materials Needed: 

  • Pen/ Marker
  • 2 Different Colored Cards
  • 15 Red Cards = Events
  • 15 Green Cards = Handlers


  1. On each Event card, write an event (For example: Cross Arms, Clap Hands, Pat Head, etc.)
  2. On each handler card, write a command. (For example, “If someone crosses arms, take a knee.” “If someone claps hands, jump up” .“If someone pats head, say Jumanji”)
  3. Distribute cards face down
  4. Form two lines: Events and Handlers
  5. Go down the event line one at a time having each student perform what is on their card
  6. Handlers will react based on the behavior of the Events line
  7. After one time down the line, switch roles. Events trade with Handlers
  8. Repeat 3 – 5 times
  9. After switching roles, encourage Handlers to rewrite the “then” part of their action.
  10. Go down the line again to see how the “code has changed”
  11. Using Notebooks, record the events and handlers you participated in.

Good Luck!

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