7 Reasons Why Python is Kid-Friendly

The formative years of childhood and adolescence play a crucial role in your kid’s life and career choices in the future. It is, therefore, essential to inculcate the right habits by introducing them to worthwhile hobbies and practices. It is important for them to learn things outside their school’s curriculum.

The ongoing school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have made this particularly essential. Now that your kids are at home all the time, it is crucial to engage them in productive activities. In addition to picking up new hobbies, you can also introduce them to advance topics in science and technology.

From joining a digital marketing course to learning a new programming language – there are a plethora of options for children. It is, however, essential to select the right stream/subject depending on your kid’s skills and interests. For instance, if your child has a knack for programming, you can introduce them to Python.

Python is an object-oriented, interpreted, and high-level programming language that is used across many verticals. However, at its core, Python is an extremely kid-friendly language. It is easy to grasp and has numerous practical applications.

If you want to introduce your kid to the magical world of computer programming, Python is the ideal starting point. In this blog, we’ve identified the top reasons why Python, for kids, in particular, is such an amazing programming language.

1. Python is Beginner-Friendly

Programming is fun, engaging, and mind-blowing; but only when you get a hand of the language. Common programming languages like C++ and Java involve complicated syntaxes and code structures. This often overwhelms beginners, frustrates them, and compels them to quit programming altogether.

Python, on the other hand, is an intuitive text-based language with a concise syntax. The syntax has been designed to ensure that it is easily readable for humans. It is closer to the English language, ensuring that you can get a sense of what a piece of code does just by reading it. This, in turn, makes Python the ideal programming language.

Python, for kids, is also suitable because it serves as a stepping stone to master other programming languages. It strengthens your kid’s foundation and core principles and encourages them to explore the possibilities and applications of coding. This, in turn, motivates them to learn and master advanced programming languages.

2. Python is Easy to Set Up

You don’t need a specialized programming environment to get started with Python. As long as you have a computer that uses Windows OS, your kid can learn Python at home. Even if they are learning it at school or a coaching center, they can continue to practice at home.

You just have to download the software from the official website and install it on your computer. Next, you need to launch the installer and follow its instructions. Thereafter, you can use the Python interpreter to start coding. You’ll also find a plethora of helpful online resources to handhold you through the installation.

3. Python Aids Academic Excellence

It won’t be wrong to say that Python impacts your kid’s academic performance and learning abilities. Since Python uses simple English commands, it can go a long way to improve your kid’s writing and storytelling skills. It helps them understand how to create crisp, concise, and meaningful paragraphs in English.

Likewise, coding in Python improves your kid’s critical thinking abilities. It makes them solution-oriented and helps them interpret complicated mathematical problems as real-life scenarios. This can go a long way to help them grasp complicated and abstract scientific and mathematical topics.

4. Python is Versatile

Python has numerous practical applications across a diverse array of industries. From machine learning and artificial intelligence to data science and big-data analysis – Python is used in various fields. It is also used in several automation tasks, web programming, and game development. So, when your kid learns Python, they aren’t just mastering the syntax and structure.

Once they get the hang of the language, they can start developing their own websites, games, animations, etc. Moreover, they can easily integrate these solutions with robotics. Understanding the practical applications of Python fuels their creativity and encourages critical thinking. This is one of the main reasons why Python is great for kids. 

5. Python’s Demand is Growing

Since its launch in 1991, Python has emerged as one of the fastest-growing programming languages. According to Stack Overflow, it has a year on year growth rate of 27%. It is significantly higher than that of other programming languages.

This, in turn, means Python will continue to be relevant in the future as well. Therefore, if your kid learns Python, it will help them acquire a skill that can be utilized when they grow up. It will also enhance their resume when they eventually go job hunting.

6. Python is Popular

It won’t be wrong to say that Python is one of the most widely-used programming languages. Therefore, you’ll find a plethora of excellent courses, both online and offline, on “Python for kids”. Additionally, you’ll also get access to plenty of online resources including e-books, tutorials, demos, etc. to simplify the learning process.

Moreover, there are already many Python coders and teachers across the world. They often reach out to each other on social media and Q & A forums to solve their problems and share valuable insights. Your kid can leverage this to resolve their queries and gain more knowledge about the language.

7. Python can be Career-Defining

Here is the thing – Python is used by several software companies and corporate giants. For instance, Google and Facebook use it to develop new products. It is also used by Netflix, Amazon, DropBox, NASA, etc.

As these organizations grow and new companies emerge, the demand for skilled Python coders will escalate further. Therefore, mastering Python will kickstart your kid’s career in programming.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to discover the magic of coding for kids or steer them towards a career in programming, Python is the right choice. Its intuitive text-based syntax is easy to understand and read. It also improves your kid’s learning abilities. Moreover, the growing demand for Python indicates that it is here to stay.


Santhej Kallada is a passionate entrepreneur, DMCA expert, marketing professional, and online education pioneer. A computer engineer by training, he has extensive experience in different facets of digital marketing. He founded his first company when he was still completing his post-graduation in the U.K. Driven by the urge to make quality education accessible to everyone, he now heads Kallada Academy, a premier training institute in India.  

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