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Introducing programming games for the next generation

Write code. Catch bananas. Save the world.

CodeMonkey is an AWARD-WINNING online platform that teaches kids real coding languages like CoffeeScript and Python. Children and teenagers learn block-based and text-based coding through an engaging game-like environment.
Millions of CodeMonkey's students are now excited about coding! CodeMonkey does not require prior coding experience to teach and is designed for schools, clubs, and home use.
Do you want to start coding now? Kids from 5-14 years old can learn block-coding, text-coding, CoffeeScript and Python all while playing! Kids as young as 5 can start programming to solve scaffolded puzzles and build their own games. Try it today!
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Discover how fun teaching computer programming can be! CodeMonkey’s coding curriculum fosters the development of executive functioning skills, such as problem solving and planning, as well as geometric and mathematical thinking.

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Coding for kids


With CodeMonkey’s all-inclusive home plan, your child will learn to code in no time! CodeMonkey's courses teach text-based coding so kids learn to program like a real developer. This is coding made fun. No previous experience is needed!

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teach kids courses that are fun intuitive gamified

K-8 Curriculum

CodeMonkey offers educational resources for students of different grades and experience levels. From CodeMonkey Jr. to Banana Tales, students learn coding basics such as block-based and text-based coding. Kids also learn how to code in real programming languages like CoffeeScript and Python. Through CodeMonkey, kids will develop the necessary skills for the future while having fun!

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Get your students coding in no time!

CodeMonkey is a fun and educational game-based environment where kids learn to code without any prior experience. After completing CodeMonkey's award-winning coding courses, kids will be able to navigate through the programming world with a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

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kids will love learning to code
with CodeMonkey

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With CodeMonkey’s teacher kit and support team, anyone can teach the basics of computer science

codemonkey ready to learn how to program

real coding languages

CodeMonkey's courses teach text-based coding so students learn to program like a real developer

codemonkey's game-based courses

game-based learning

Kids learn coding in an engaging and rewarding environment that utilizes gaming elements

Apps and web-based courses

coding for kids



Once they start, students won’t want to stop solving coding challenges.

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A fun & gamified educational platform that attracts children worldwide.

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With an intuitive interface and easy roll-out, educators feel empowered.

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All you need in one place

Classroom management

Equipped with student solutions, automatic grading and curriculum management, CodeMonkey’s Classroom Dashboard allows you to effortlessly manage your students. Fully-detailed coding lessons will help you more easily conduct your classes through engaging activities as well as a distinctive mode for teaching versus playing.

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teaching to code

Professional Development

Whether you are just starting or are ready to teach advanced courses, CodeMonkey’s free webinars, video tutorials, MOOC course and full-time PD staff will guide you every step of the way. 

Standards alignment

CodeMonkey places a high emphasis on content that aligns to today’s standards. With online challenges and unplugged activities, students not only develop coding skills, but also computational thinking, collaboration, reasoning and logic.

Why Teachers & Kids Love CodeMonkey


Read More about CodeMonkey's MULTIPLE AWARDS for it's outstanding computer science curriculum!

CodeMonkey in the News

Hosting Advice
"With plans suitable for parents, teachers, and school districts plus ongoing development based on in-classroom feedback, CodeMonkey is poised to prepare young coders for successful futures in tech."
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Common Sense Media
"In a market filled with lots of great code-learning games and sites, CodeMonkey stands out with its cheerful graphics, carefully constructed puzzles, and thoughtful sequences of puzzles."
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"Do your elementary and middle school students want to learn how to code...with bananas? With CodeMonkey, students complete coding challenges, helping their monkey collect all of the bananas in increasingly difficult levels."
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CodeMonkey is an award-winning, fun and intuitive curriculum where students learn to code in real programming languages. Courses navigate from using block-based coding into more advanced coding languages such as Python. Through game and project-based courses, students as young as 7  solve puzzles and build games and apps. The majority of CodeMonkey’s courses do not require prior coding experience to teach. It’s easy and fun! All courses are designed for school, extra-curricular and home-use.

CodeMonkey is a great learning tool for all ages! The courses offer a full curriculum for grades K-8. 

Introducing code at an early age is recommended. Anyone can learn to code and learning can be fun.

Trial subscriptions are a great introduction into CodeMonkey and some of the basic coding concepts covered throughout the platform.

Included in Home and Teacher trials:

Coding Adventure Part 1 : Through Challenge 30
CodeMonkey Jr.: Sequencing & Loops
Banana Tales Part 1 Python: Through Challenge 30
All of CodeMonkey Hour of Code Content

CodeMonkey covers universal coding concepts such as Objects, function calls, arguments, for loops, function definitions, boolean conditions, loops, variables, arrays, until loops, if and if-else conditions, boolean operators, keyboard and mouse events.
CodeMonkey’s coding curriculum is aligned with computer science standards, common core standards etc.

CodeMonkey covers text-based coding languages of CoffeeScript and Python learn python.

The programming language used in Coding Adventure is called CoffeeScript. This programming language, similar to JavaScript, is used in the industry primarily for web applications. CodeMonkey chose this language for a few reasons, but mainly because of its friendly syntax. It closely resembles English, compared to other programming languages.

Coding Chatbots and Banana Tales use the programming language of Python, a widely used language that has easy syntax. Python is a general-purpose, versatile and popular programming language. Students learning Python, become one step closer to becoming real-world programmers in a high-tech world!

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learn to code for kids

CodeMonkey teaches how to code in CoffeeScript. This is a great beginning coding language for children ages 6-12 years of age. Courses like CodeMonkey Jr. for the youngest learners use blocks to help build visual learning skills for future more complicated programming techniques. Coding Adventure teaches 7-16 years olds code while catching bananas using more advanced text-based coding. All this while having fun!

teach kids python

Python is an easy-to-learn text-based programming language. There are libraries of ready-made code, English-like syntax, and is a widely used choice for many developers. The main coding concepts used are variables, data, input and output, boolean operators, class, etc. Banana Tales is a CodeMonkey course that uses Python as its coding language. Teach your child or student python and start with a free trial!

middle school

Teaching computer science in middle school can have it’s challenges. We want students to have a positive experience no matter what their interest level may be. There are many different tools and courses available, but holding a young student’s interest, while teaching code, can be difficult. A fun game-oriented course, which makes learning challenging and fun, are just what a student needs.

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Enjoy a full-blown gaming experience that will teach your kids to code!

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