3 Reasons Autistic Children Excel at Computer Coding

CodeMonkey has seen vast success with its users who are on the spectrum and according to the information below, it is no surprise why. Those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are naturals when it comes to technology usage and computer coding. Read on to learn 3 reasons why autistic children excel at computer programming.

Kids on the spectrum tend to surpass their peers in coding because they naturally possess the qualities that are required to excel as a software developer. Students with ASD excel in computer programming because they are logical in their thinking, enjoy predictability, and are visual learners.

Computer Programming is…

  1. Logical: Most of the time, students with autism are better at mathematics than those without ASD. This is because their thinking style tends to be very logical. Another field that calls for logic is computer science. Since Autistic children typically have a more dominant left side of the brain, they are naturally drawn to computer science, specifically writing code. As a result, Autistic students have a higher chance at excelling in jobs that require precision and repetition – such as updating databases, coding, and analytics.
  2. Predictable: Students with autism prefer the type of work where they organize and gather large amounts of data that will yield predictable results. People with autism value the increased control over their interactions that is afforded by the filter of a computer screen. Covering large amounts of information as well as working with predictable outcomes, calms people with ASD down. Since computer programming is predictable and logical, autistic students are not left with uncertainties, can de-stress and out-perform the average individual.
  3. Visual: Children with Autism are very visual learners. Since Computer Programming contains a lot of visual information, Autistic children process computer programming more easily than their non-Autistic counterparts.

A very useful tool in transforming daily tasks into more visual and understandable ones, is the iPad. The iPad has played a huge part in helping society deliver a visual platform to Autistic students that drastically helps them on a daily basis. Students with Autism use iPads to complete daily tasks, such as brushing one’s teeth, more easily. One great iPad app is CommunicoTool, a language and development app that gives a voice to children with speech disorders, such as ASD.

Technology immerses us everywhere we go. For Autistic students to be able to understand the mechanisms behind computers paves the way for them to have pleasant social interactions and to better adjust to society. Technology not only helps those with ASD find a common ground with other children and relate to them, but increasingly becomes an outlet in which Autistic students can shine.

What are the benefits of coding for an autistic child?

There are both advantages and disadvantages of the infiltration of computer technologies in the lives of modern children, but the benefits of computer science education can’t be undervalued, especially for autistic kids. The following eight points highlight the advantages that computer programming can shine on any developers life, however their impact becomes a lot greater for those on the spectrum, since they may struggle with assimilating into society more than others without the disorder.

1. Computer coding skills can help an autistic child land a job in tech.

Computer coding is a crucial skill needed for building a career in the field of software development and other areas like big data analysis, engineering, and science. There is a very high demand for computer programmers in the world right now, and it will continue to grow in the next years.

2. Possession of programming skills helps children on the Spectrum understand other types of modern technologies as well.

Generally, users with established computer coding skills are faster at adopting and learning other digital technologies and sophisticated devices, making it beneficial for both their professional and personal life

3. Computer coding improves problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

There is plenty of research that suggests that learning different programming concepts helps in developing problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

4. Computer coding can improve interpersonal skills.

Participating in software development projects can include collaboration, mentoring, and teamwork,. Development of interpersonal and social skills isn’t easy for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and usually takes a lot of time so getting involved in such a project can serve as an ice breaker.

5. Good results in learning computer coding can help to build self-confidence.

Knowing that they are successful in such a competitive and concrete area could help an autistic child become more confident in their abilities. The realization that they are able to solve the problems that seem very complicated for most of the population gives an essential feeling of power.

6. Computer coding teaches kids to overcome failures.

As children learn the ins and outs of how to code, they often face challenges and failures. With perseverance they learn to overcome these failures and the results are rewarding – lines of code turn to blocks of code, bugs get fixed and programs come to life. Once they realize that through not giving up and learning from their mistakes, they can accomplish great things, they start to understand that failure is not always bad. Most importantly, they learn that with hard work, failure is followed by a successful solution!

7. Learning to code increases kids’ creativity.

It’s vital to learn to code at an early age because it teaches children to experiment, explore various opportunities, and find new  solutions for issues and problems. Also, it provides students with experience in creating their own projects from scratch. Computer coding provides the opportunity for kids to develop and utilize creativity and to share the results with others to get feedback.

8. Coding provides kids with fast results.

Computer coding can seem complicated at the beginning, but actually, autistic kids can get the first significant results faster than in learning languages or musical instruments. And seeing the first results will only work to increase their motivation.

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11 Replies to “3 Reasons Autistic Children Excel at Computer Coding”

  1. As someone who suffers from autism myself, reading this article gives me a great deal of confidence.

  2. Hi any tips on helping to encourage young autistic children to explore computer programming and related subject areas? My son is 15 and is very good with technology – but I’m trying to find a way to help him explore this deeper.

    1. Hi Dee,
      Have you tried out CodeMonkey’s Coding Adventure and Dodo Does Math? These are two courses that he might find interesting depending on his math and coding level. Dodo Does Math is recommended for 3rd to 5th graders, but he might enjoy it.
      Let us know what he thinks! We also have a game design course called Game Builder that he might enjoy.

          1. Great to know that autistic children are good at computer programming. People with autism suffer a lot because they are not able to communicate properly and most of the jobs require good communication.

  3. “Zoe is the Marketing & Media Manager at”

    Yeah that shows. Autistic people don’t make particularly good programmers. At least there is definitely nothing about their autism that helps them. The job of programming is understanding human systems and creating solutions using code that needs to be maintainable by other people. If you remove that need then yeah sure. They would feel like ideal candidates. As you generally cant …. the aren’t.

    In fact: There certainly are characteristics of the disorder which have a serious detriment. From my personal experience (Albeit not that extensive, only 12 years professionally). Writing code that whilst makes perfectly logical sense, is not logically succinct has been a problem. Incorrect application or complete irreverence of established paradigmes, stubbornness, over-complication of simple problems etc. are also amongst patterns in code of autistic people I have found.

    Not to disparage and extol the neurotypical (we have our own set of problems) but this idea that some how autism is a programming super power hasnt been at all my experience … it has been in fact the complete opposite.

  4. I read this article! After reading this article, I would like to thank you. You explained so well the reasons why autistic children excel at computer programming and what are the benefits of coding for an autistic child. It was quite insightful.

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