ANNOUNCEMENT: Upcoming Changes to CodeMonkey’s Website

Imagine this – your class is about to begin and you’re starting your lesson with CodeMonkey. You log-in to your account and scroll down to find the class you are teaching today. Students start rolling in and you are still scrolling through your homepage to prepare for today’s lesson. The rest goes off without a hitch but you make a note for next time to start a few minutes earlier. Sound familiar? 

We know your time is precious and want to make your experience teaching with CodeMonkey as seamless as possible. That is why on March 22nd, we are launching a new and improved design that will enhance your experience on CodeMonkey’s website. Through this new design, you will go through less steps to access the content you need.

Main Changes for Teachers:

All of the content and features you are familiar with will still be available for you. However, rather than one extended homepage where all parts can be accessed by scrolling down, this new teacher homepage will have all the sections accessible through a sidebar menu. This sidebar menu, located on the left-side of your screen, is more conducive to teaching as it will make navigation faster.

With the new teacher homepage, you can easily access your classrooms, courses, teacher resources, student creations and DISCOVER.

This format will allow for a more intuitive experience, making it easier to explore items and find all you need.

  • All your classrooms will be accessible from the “My Classrooms” Page (first item in the menu). There you will be able to navigate to any of your classrooms.
  • To play CodeMonkey’s courses, similar to how your students play them, go to the “Courses” item in the sidebar menu.
  • Teacher Resources”, previously available from your homepage, will now have a dedicated page and is divided into different categories. 
  • To see the games and challenges you created, go to “My Creations”. The same applies to your students.
  • Lastly, to access CodeMonkey’s community creation page, see the last menu item called “Discover”.

Main Changes for Parents, Students and Children: 

Just like for teachers, the main difference for parents and children/students is that navigation will be easily achieved through a sidebar menu.

New Design for Parents
New Design for Children and Students

Explore all these upgrades for yourself starting March 22nd!

Try CodeMonkey at home or at school!

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  1. Hello,
    Are you offering CodeMonkey free during the cocido-19 school closures. My situate s have used this in the past and really love it, but admin will not invest money in many programs right now.
    Thank you

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