Meet the Game Builder: Joshua

Meet the Game Builder is CodeMonkey’s blog segment where students from all over the world share their experiences on what it’s like to build a game on CodeMonkey. Today’s post features Joshua B., an 11-year-old student from Yacolt, Washington in the United States!

What CodeMonkey games have you created?

Which is your favorite game and why?

In the Age of Warriors is my favorite game I have created because of its very complex design. It took a lot of work to figure out the correct codes to use for the warriors attacking moves and also have the bad knights fight back. My favorite things to code were probably the gates with the keys. They were also fun to design and draw. All sprites were made by me except the coins and the dragon. The Ranngwae idea came to me when I played my game and thought it was too easy. I thought a monster that chased you, but was also helpful, would add some fun to the game. So the creation of the Ranngwae began. It took seven drawings of the sprite before I had him just right! Creating the scene was difficult because I had to make sure the warrior could fit through all the passages and had enough room to move and fight. In all this game took me about two months to create. 

How did you choose your favorite game’s main character?

I didn’t really get him from any movie or book. I just decided I would start from scratch and see what he would turn out like. He turned out to be kind of like a stick figure which was a lot easier to draw. 

What inspired your game and why?

Nothing really, I just started with drawing the sprites then my imagination took flight from there. I would get up from the computer saying I was done, then I would think of an idea that could make the game a lot better. This went on until my game became pretty complicated.

How did you think of the rules to your game?

At the time, I was interested in Medieval games so I thought of a game that played off the idea of a quest to kill a dragon and take the throne.

What was the most important feature for you when you were building your game? (for example, having a lot of characters, making your game funny, making it hard or easy, etc.)

The most important thing I wanted to do in this game was give more abilities to the character to make the game more fun.

Did you send your game to any of your friends or family to play?


If so, how did you feel when your friends or family played your games?

Excited and proud that I had succeeded in creating a game that I invented by myself.

How has building your own game changed the way you view playing games?

I have a deeper respect for the programmers who make games because I understand how much work goes into it.

Are you continuing to develop your coding skills? If so, what are you doing?

Yes, I am increasing my coding skills by creating complex games that involve lots of hard coding that helps me to continue learning.

Being able to design and build my own games is important to me because it helps me get my ideas from just being ideas that I think I would never to accomplish to games that I can play and have fun with.

What is one piece of advice you have for those who have not yet created their own games?

Remember to start out easy. Focus on the small things first. Do the best you’re able and develop your coding skills as you go along. If this is the first game you have created, don’t go big on technology because you won’t be able to do it. Your game will be a failure and it will give a bad impression on coding for you. Don’t feel embarrassed if you’re older and you don’t want to start out with the easy games, just remember it’s never too late to learn

Is there anything that you would like to add?

I am very glad that I learned about Code Monkey. It has helped me a lot in my advancement in programming. Thank you!

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