How to Find the Best Coding Programs for Kids

When it comes to learning modern-age foundational skills, coding is considered essential as it is prudent to prepare children for the future and ensure that they are aligned with the latest technologies. Younger children have a curious nature, and parents could make the most of it by introducing them to the basics of coding at an early age.

Opting for a suitable online learning platform for your child can be a tedious task, but we make it stress-free for you with our well-researched list of tips and online coding platforms.

Tip # 1: Start Early!

The word ‘Coding’ makes it sound like rocket science, but in reality, it is a medium of communication with computers that allows us to give it simple instructions to perform a task. Keeping the coding concepts simple for elementary school students will ensure that they have a solid foundation for grasping complex concepts in the future. Directional teaching methods that involve symbols and arrows, such as solving symbolic equations to illustrate the fundamentals of coding have shown significant results in this regard.

Tip # 2: Solve Mental Math Problems with Kids

Easy-to-solve exercises like addition, subtraction, algebra, and multiplication will improve kids’ cognitive capabilities and aid them in applying these concepts to real-life situations.

Coding is the picturing of abstract concepts, and solving mental math problems with children is the best way to help them visualize ideas.

Tip # 3: Introducing Common Coding Jargon to Kids

It is a proven fact that the best way to learn core concepts of complex subjects is to understand the language. Parents can apply this strategy to familiarize their kids with fundamental programming terms. A good initial step would be to begin with easy parlances, such as:

Variable: Familiarize kids with the storing concept like variables with the help of real-life examples, like storing different things in boxes and naming them, and use these names to reference the stored objects.  

Loop: Repetition of a block of code is known as a loop. Make use cases and apply the loop concept in real-time for various conditions to end the loop.

Function: It is another coding shortcut that lets the programmer perform various actions in series without writing long blocks of codes. Introduce the expression to kids while solving some short-directional problems.

Bug: The most popular coding term is bugs: errors that hinder the functionality of code blocks. Employ the concept of bugs and fix them by adding, deleting some commands, or correcting syntax.

Select the Right Coding Courses for Your Kids

For more assistance in your kids’ coding drive, consider these online coding resources and platforms for your kids.

1.      Codemonkey

Code monkey is one of the most intuitive online platforms for kids that teaches coding concepts via an interactive online gaming environment. It is a popular platform that provides around 250 diverse and free coding lessons like Hour of Code that train kids on fundamental computer and coding concepts.

With lots of free challenges like Coding Adventure, Code Monkey facilitates conceptual learning and delivers an engaging curriculum for all: after-school clubs, school, camps, or self-paced online learning. If you want to start coding in an interactive environment, Code Monkey is the right place to begin your kids’ coding journey.

2.      LightBot

LightBot works on a simple education technique and makes coding concepts easy and easygoing for your kids, and the platform delivers learning resources for all ages in an interactive environment.

LightBot is a puzzle-based game that requires problem-solving skills to solve puzzles. The approach enhances the coding abilities of children, and with a wide range of lessons, LightBot is a logical learning platform.

3.      Blockly

If you are looking for an interactive fun way to get your child to begin with coding, Blockly is the perfect place to start. The site integrates gaming into coding to deliver a learning experience functionally and engagingly. The platform offers a gaming strategy to train kids during interactive coding challenges.

Blockly works on drag-and-drop or type-in code blocks to create a story, solve a puzzle, or hit targets after completing tasks. The instant result tab allows kids to review their coding outcomes immediately, enabling them to imagine and realize their capabilities.

4. provides a combination of RPG gaming and text-based coding. The website proffers a highly engaging learning experience and is accessible via all browsers.

Code Combat uses real-time coding syntax utilizing a text editor, permitting children to get acquainted with programming languages like CDS, HTML, Python, and JavaScript.

Its free version introduces in-depth coding knowledge by teaching children fundamental parameters, syntax, strings, variables, loops, and arguments.

5.      Roblox

Roblox provides multi-player games with a coding environment that allows kids to design games with their imagination while learning to code. Roblox gamified teaching methods are indeed the best learning opportunity for kids.

Roblox provides an Hour of Code feature which enables kids to make their stories after finishing their lessons. 

6.      Khanacademy

Khan Academy is a well-known website that offers free-of-cost coding lessons and provides an extensive library for all subjects. Just search for your desired course and start learning it for free!

Khan Academy delivers various courses on computer science, programming basics, internet 101, cryptography, algorithms, and many more.

Khanacademy is not for you if your kid loves gamification in learning, as it does not offer teaching in a visual manner

The Bottom Line

Coding is evolving as an essential skill and all keen parents who want to introduce their kids to this skill early on can easily do so by using the edutainment approach. All the above options are excellent platforms for online learning and can serve as a starting point for your child’s coding journey. These e-learning sites offer a combination of activities, fun, gamification, and self-learning possibilities for kids and help them explore the coding world!

Learning to code will prepare kids for the future as it will enable them to think analytically and will eventually improve their imagination and creativity. So, if you want your kid to be a future coding champ, enroll them in suitable coding programs now!

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