Coding Adventure: TEACHER NOTES

Computer Science Education Week


Join an adorable monkey in an hour-long jungle adventure that will introduce your students to the basics of computer science. In the activity, students will advance through a self-paced progression of 30 challenges in which they will help a monkey catch bananas as they write real lines of code.


  • Ages 8-16
  • Web-based
  • No installation required
  • Internet connection required
  • Headphones recommended
  • Up-to-date verstions of Firefox, Chrome, Explorer or Safari
learn coffeescript
No matter how much or little coding experience you and your students have, CodeMonkey is engaging, entertaining & educational



30 levels

In an hour, students will progress through 30 fun coding challenges.

CodeMonkey rat

3-8 Grade

Coding Adventure is great for beginner coders, no matter the age.

Learn CoffeeScript

Students will learn CoffeeScript, a programming language that is easy and functional

CodeMonkey chicken

easy to follow

The platform is intuitive and instructions are easy to follow.

how to host an hour of code

codemonkey banana


Go through as many coding challenges as you can to get familiar with the program. We also recommend reading CodeMonkey's blog post on how to host a successful hour of code.


Print out certificates for your students to take home. Students who have their own email can request a certificate at the end of the hour of code.

codemonkey banana


Write on your whiteboard so students can easily begin.

codemonkey banana


Play the Coding Adventure Trailer


- Computer Science: the art of blending human ideas and digital tools to create anything from phone apps, animated movies, robots and more!

– Program: a set of instructions for your computer to follow.
– Commands: what you use to build a program 

codemonkey banana


Instruct students to go to the link and click on ‘Start Playing’ to get started.

codemonkey banana


Once in a while, discuss different ways to solve challenges. We recommend doing so with challenges 16 and 25.


Continue the fun with the full Coding Adventure game. Coding Adventure is made up of over 400 fun-filled challenges that cover coding topics anywhere from loops and variables to conditionals and Boolean operators. Together with plugged and unplugged lesson plans, you will be able to easily roll-out and fully integrate coding in your classroom.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Coding Adventure uses the programming language of CoffeeScript. CoffeeScript is similar to JavaScript in that it is primarily used for web applications, however it has a much friendlier syntax that resembles the way we write in English.

The activity starts off with very simple tasks in order to gradually teach students different aspects of coding.

Yes, you can print out certificates for your students to take home. Students who have their own email address can request a certificate at the end of the hour of code. If not, you can print certificates out here.

Encourage them to go back and try to get 3 stars in all 30 challenges.  Ask them to help classmates who are having trouble or start a new activity here.

Encourage them to read the instructions carefully and double check their code if something is not working.

Encourage students to start each challenge by pressing “run” and watching what the initial code does. This will help them clarify where the code needs fixing.

A challenging puzzle is challenge 27. Refer to the screenshot for a 3-star solution.

Coding Adventure Solution

After every challenge, students will get a star score based on their solution.

  • One star means you earned all the bananas.
  • Two stars means you earned all the bananas and incorporated learned topics.
  • Three stars signifies that you caught all the bananas, incorporated learned topics, and did so in concisely.

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