Why it is important to teach your child coding from an early age

Coding is a communication protocol that makes a computer subject to human control. It has helped us to create websites, video games, electronic gadgets, and computer software. Computer programming has a place in medical research, economics, geology, engineering, and almost every field of human endeavor. 

If computer programming has this level of importance, why are kids not learning it from their childhood? Do they have to wait till their college days? One of the foundations of success in the future is for a child to learn how to code. Kids are faster learners compared to adults. 

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Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg started programming at an early age. These college dropouts revolutionized the digital information and communication domain. Let’s examine eight reasons why it is important to start teaching programming in schools.

Computer Programming Is the Today and Future of Technology

If you study the present-day world, computer technology is at the forefront of technology in every industry and sector. Banks and hospitals use biometrics like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition systems for identity verification. 

All industries use PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) to automate their production process. We can answer our doors and switch on lights with remote-controlled devices. Self-driving cars are a reality in our generation already. These innovations show the importance of coding for the future. 

It Helps Kids to Improve Their Math Knowledge and Analytical Thinking

Mathematics and quantitative reasoning are prominent in almost all school subjects. It is also indispensable for computer programming. 

Coding requires a decent amount of calculations in organizing data and producing results. One reason why kids should learn to code is that it develops their math skills in a passive manner.

Why it is important to teach your child coding from an early age

It Will Help To Meet the Shortage of Computer Specialists

A child who starts coding at an early age will have access to good employment opportunities after college. There are a lot of coding-related jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Yet, there aren’t enough computer science graduates to meet the demand. If there are people preparing to fill up these spaces from their childhood, they earn high wages and contribute to their country’s development.

Coding teaches Kids to Think In a Multidimensional Manner

Teaching coding in schools is not just about sitting in front of a computer and typing in lines of words. There is good code, as well as bad code. Computer programming requires a high level of logical reasoning. You need to split a large problem into chunks of small tasks. 

Then, you begin to handle the tasks one by one. This concept revolves around a basic computational workflow. Coding helps children to think of different ways to tackle a problem.

Coding Teaches Children How To Be Persistent In Solving Problems

One of the biggest lessons in life is that failure is not a bad thing entirely. Coding can imbibe this principle in the mentality of young children. Programming is not usually a straightforward task. 

Codes could fail due to improper syntax, incorrect spelling, or other errors. Kids quickly learn how to inspect and debug their codes. 

Computer game programming for kids gives them a chance to fail and learn from their mistakes. If one algorithm doesn’t solve a problem, then another one will work.

Coding Can Teach a Child to Be Confident and Creative

Kids love to have fun and experiment with new activities. Learning about coding in elementary school provides an avenue for them to channel that energy. When they design something from start to finish, they have high esteem and a feeling of self-approval. 

It is similar to the feeling they get when they build a giant toy robot. There are computer programming games for kids to do this in an exciting manner. When they get better, they could build something bigger, such as an app or website. They get feedback and discover that they are performing well.

It Facilitates Communication and Collaboration among Children

When children learn to code, they can do it with students from other backgrounds and races. They can join hands with people who share a common goal with them. This spirit of teamwork will benefit them in their future work environment. 

Online learning platforms and physical classrooms give kids the opportunity to solve problems together and interact. Communication is vital in every sphere of life. Corporate coding teaches children that skill.

Computer Programming Teach Kids to Understand How Tech Gadgets Work

Coding prepares children to be producers, not consumers. Many of us don’t know how computer devices, mobile phones, and software apps work. 

We can change that for future generations by introducing them to coding at an early age. When they learn how technological devices work, that builds interest in them to make those gadgets better.


There are many benefits of teaching your kid how to code. The best age for your child to start learning is five years old. At that age, a young kid can easily grab some basic concepts like loops, sequences, and algorithms. You don’t necessarily have to start teaching them with a computer. Starting from the age of 8 kids can learn more advanced topics.

There are apps and basic games that can make them code without knowing it. Remember that kids love fun. Let them learn bit by bit. In no time, they will likely develop an interest.  There are also several online coding tutors and summer camp programs. 

Give your kids this chance and set them up for a successful future. However, if your ward doesn’t show interest in coding, don’t force it. Examine him/her for other special talents that you can nurture.

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