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[speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”a” icon=”gordo.png” name=”Gordo” ]Hi Teacher! Did you hear about Dodo Does Math? [/speech_bubble] [speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”b” icon=”teacher.png” name=”Teacher”]Hi Gordo, not yet – what is it? [/speech_bubble][speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”a” icon=”gordo.png” name=”Gordo” ]Dodo Does Math helps elementary students practice math. The really cool part about Dodo Does Math is that it also reinforces coding at the same time. In the game, students need to help a dodo catch her lost eggs using math and code. Dodo Does Math does not teach or introduce any new topics, it simply helps students gain a better grip on their math and coding skills in a fun and gamified way.[/speech_bubble][speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”b” icon=”teacher.png” name=”Teacher”]Cool! How many Coding Adventure challenges do students need to complete prior to playing Dodo Does Math? [/speech_bubble][speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”a” icon=”gordo.png” name=”Gordo” ]Students only need to complete the first 30 Coding Adventure challenges – which are all available in the free teacher’s trial.
[/speech_bubble] [speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”b” icon=”teacher.png” name=”Teacher” ]How can I access Dodo Does Math? How much does it cost? [/speech_bubble] [speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”a” icon=”gordo.png” name=”Gordo” ]Dodo Does Math comes at a cost of $5 per student, in a class of at least 20 students. The subscription is annual. You can buy it on our plans page. Once you purchase the courses, you will be able to find them on your homepage. In order for students to play, assign Dodo Does Math to your class in the Courses Tab of your teacher dashboard [/speech_bubble][speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”b” icon=”teacher.png” name=”Teacher” ]What grades is it for [/speech_bubble][speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”a” icon=”gordo.png” name=”Gordo” ]Dodo Does Math is perfect for 2nd-4th graders and even aligns to the 2nd-4th Grade Common Core Standards.
[/speech_bubble] [speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”b” icon=”teacher.png” name=”Teacher” ]What math topics do the courses go over?[/speech_bubble][speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”a” icon=”gordo.png” name=”Gordo”]The courses go over distances, addition, subtraction, skip-counting, multiplication, measurement and angles. [/speech_bubble] [speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”b” icon=”teacher.png” name=”Teacher” ]How many levels are there in the courses?
[/speech_bubble][speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”a” icon=”gordo.png” name=”Gordo” ]Dodo Does Math is made up of three separate courses, each consisting of 20 challenges. There are a total of 60 Dodo Does Math challenges.[/speech_bubble] [speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”b” icon=”teacher.png” name=”Teacher” ]Do I need special experience to introduce Dodo Does Math to my class?
[/speech_bubble][speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”a” icon=”gordo.png” name=”Gordo” ]No, you do not! Dodo Does Math includes lesson plans and a friendly teacher dashboard so you have all the help you need along the way. The teacher dashboard keeps track of student progress, solutions, and grades. [/speech_bubble] [speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”b” icon=”teacher.png” name=”Teacher” ]That’s awesome, thank you![/speech_bubble][speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”a” icon=”gordo.png” name=”Gordo” ] 😀 [/speech_bubble]

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