Meet the Game Builder: Roi

Welcome to Meet the Game Builder – CodeMonkey’s blog segment where students from all over the world share their experiences on what it’s like to build a game for the very first time on CodeMonkey. Today’s post features Roi, a talented 10 year-old game designer from South Carolina.

So far, Roi has built 7 of his very own games, each packed with tricky levels and fun characters. His game Junglemania 2, Awesomeness Stage is similar to CodeMonkey’s Platformer Course, yet it is full of its own unique surprises that Roi creatively thought up.

“I thought about games that I know and like, and decided to try to modify and combine them. The Game Design Course was really fun and cool. I was really excited to learn how a fun game actually works. [On average, it takes me] about an hour and a half [to build a game].

[Being able to design and build my own games makes me] proud that I can create a program that I can play with. If you’re creating a game and you get stuck, don’t just keep doing the same thing. Take a break, do something else, and try again a couple of hours later, or the next day.”

Click here to play Roi’s game!

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