Meet the Game Builder: Oren

Welcome to Meet the Game Builder – CodeMonkey’s blog segment where students from all over the world share their experiences on what it’s like to build a game for the very first time on CodeMonkey. Today’s post features Oren., a ten-year-old student from Ramat Gan, Israel.

Oren learned how to code  through his elementary school, as part of Israel’s Coding Olympics (a nationally held contest CodeMonkey takes part in annually). Through designing his own games, Oren also learned that a platform can have bugs. Shortly after, he began identifying issues and reporting  these bugs that he found throughout the game design process.

“I created the game because I wanted to build something that I could play with and further my knowledge of programming. Overall, building games on CodeMonkey was fun however there were a few problems. I did not do the Sprites Animations course but I did complete the Platformer and Frogger courses and enjoyed them.

I created one game over the course of a month. I worked on my game 4 times a week, each time for half an hour, so it ended up taking a total of 5 hours. Being able to design and build my own games makes me feel like I know how to program. I recommend that others start with the Game Design Courses and then try to build a basic game.”

After playing Oren’s game, I couldn’t help but respect all that this 10-year old achieved. “Go to the home”, Oren’s game, is the right amount of fun and challenging just like every good game is. “Go to the home” is by far one of the hardest I’ve come across so far on Meet the Game Builder. After multiple tries, I still couldn’t get to the house! Are you able to?

Play Oren’s game here!

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