Hour of Code 101

Hour of Code is almost here! 

Wow, we are so excited for this year’s Hour of Code. With a full array of activities covering different levels and grades, this year is set out to be the best one yet. With CodeMonkey’s newest releases, CodeMonkey Jr. & Banana Tales, your kids are sure to enjoy their hour of code and may even end up asking to code overtime!

What is hour of code?

If you are new to teaching or computer science in general, hour of code is a grassroots initiative started in 2014 by the non-profit organization Code.org. Hour of Code is a week-long initiative taking place during CSEd Week that aims to break down the misconception that only certain people can learn how to code. In fact, since foundation, the Hour of Code initiative has proven time and time again that anyone can learn how to code. 

When is it?

This year Hour of Code is taking place from Monday, December 9th to Sunday, December 15th. During this time, teachers, parents and schools all over the country and the world will be hosting their own Hour of Code by designating time to hold coding sessions. These sessions can take place online or offline.

How to host an Hour of Code?

There are many resources available to help you easily host an Hour of Code. You can read CodeMonkey’s Hour of Code hosting tips, choose any activity and sign-up to host an Hour of Code.

You can also watch CodeMonkey’s all-new Hour of Code Webinar to learn how to get started

Why participate?

This year’s theme is Computer Science for Good. Why not be part of such a positive initiative that reaches different parts of the world? This year, highlight to your students how Computer Science can be used for fixing different problems and help make the world a better place. Be sure to post pictures with the #CSforGood to inspire other teachers across the world to participate as well.

CS Trivia Questions:

Here are some computer science trivia questions you can ask your students in honor of CS EdWeek:

  1. What term for finding and fixing problems in a computer program was popularized by Admiral Grace Hopper? She once literally did this to a Navy computer when she removed a moth from its circuitry.
    1. Troubleshooting
    2. Jury rigging
    3. Debugging
    4. Bootstrapping
  2. What is the name of the Linux based, low cost, credit card sized computer designed for education and popular with robot designers and other hobbyists?
    1. Strawberry Sparkcake
    2. Raspberry Pi
    3. Chocolate Chipz
    4. Cynnamon Toast
  3. This computer language runs in virtually all modern web browsers. It is sometimes called ECMAScript to avoid confusion with another language with a similar name.
    1. Scheme
    2. Prolog
    3. JavaScript
    4. Java
  4. This computer science pioneer’s work lead to the development of high level computer languages like COBOL. CSEd week is celebrated every year on her birthday. 
    1. Grace Hopper
    2. Melinda Gates
    3. Ada Lovelace
    4. Barbara Liskov


  1. C
  2. B
  3. C

Happy CSEd Week!

“Learning to code is tremendously empowering. It lets you go from just being a consumer of technology to being a producer of it.”

 – Mehram Sahami, professor at Stanford University

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