CodeMonkey’s Product Updates You’ll Love – October 2020!

CodeMonkey is a customer feedback driven company , which means that we listen to our teachers, parents and students in order to improve our product and make sure you all enjoy using it. Below are some of the main product updates we released just before the 2020-2021 academic year begun.

New Courses Page

The way both students and teachers view the CodeMonkey courses has now changed, making for easier navigation of the available courses. 
For your students, all courses assigned by the teacher now appear at the top of the page, whereas the unassigned courses will appear below. 

We’ve also added a new way for both students and teachers to easily see the courses’ level (Novice through Advanced) and language type (Block coding, text coding, Python, Stem or Creativity), located on top of each course thumbnail. 

New courses view

Proficiency Table

With our new Proficiency table (available in your classroom dashboard’s Gradebook tab), you can now get a better understanding of your students’ level at specific Computer Science topics. 


proficiency table

Easier Student Management

Managing your students list has just become easier with our bulk actions. You can now archive or move students to a different classroom in bulk by a single click of a button (instead of one by one).


Students management

New “Getting Started” Video Guides

We have updated our video resources library providing you with guides on how to perform the different actions available in your classroom dashboard.

Helpful hint: Watch our new 15-minute Getting Started – A Guide for Teachers video to learn all there is to know about the available tools and features for teachers throughout CodeMonkey.

Getting started teachers guide

New Webinars Page

Check out our new webinars page where you can access recordings of past webinars covering different topics for both teachers and students. 

Helpful hint: This page will also contain all of our new and upcoming webinars. What better way to learn about how to teach CodeMonkey than through our guided webinar series. 


Google Classroom Integration

CodeMonkey’s Google Classroom Integration is now available for teachers who use Google Classrooms and who log in to CodeMonkey using their Google Single Sign-On (SSO).

Learn more about how to use Google Classroom on CodeMonkey here

Google Classroom integration

New Student Progress View

We made it easier to view how well our students are progressing in each of their courses without the need to enter each of the students’ progress individually. Along with the other features on this page, teachers can now have a more complete view of their students progress and understanding of the coding concepts.


The Discover Platform

We are constantly improving our Discover Platform adding new features and security measures to enable a safe and enjoyable environment for the CodeMonkey community. Discover allows any CodeMonkey to publish their own games and challenges to the community. Users can also find, play, like and remix fellow coders’ games.


Discover platform

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