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IT literacy has become essential for successful careers in different fields. Employers particularly insist on the necessity to work with computers and technologies if someone wants to land a job with them. Thus, professionals in different areas decided to advance their technical skills using distance education and online courses.

However, if we try to foresee, it is obvious that knowledge of MS Office and other packages will not be sufficient to compete with other candidates in the labor market in the future. The tough reality will demand us to code new programs and algorithms to automate some processes. This will bring more convenience and efficiency to the workplace.

Therefore, many parents started considering coding courses for their kids. In any case, this skill set will always be an asset for them and their employers. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss several best websites that would make your kid interested in learning programming.


This platform is designed to meet children’s needs and make their learning exciting. The website is both user-friendly and intuitive, while the learning material is comprised of games and puzzles. Yet, it is still of high quality and lets young students progress in their comprehension of coding principles and practice.

CodeMonkey is an entirely web-based learning platform with plenty of programming courses. They are intended to prepare future experts in the field without torturing them with boring theory. Thanks to its gamified learning method, children do not need an introductory course or instruction. They can jump immediately into getting coding experience.

This website is now one of the most popular for kids ages 4-15. It offers free coding classes for kids that are quite comprehensive and inclusive. Every course on the platform is translated into several languages to make learning easier for kids.

There are lots of exclusive videos brought by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg available to kids to make them inspired by learning. Yet, the platform mostly fits newbies. Children with intermediate coding skills will hardly find something new for them on the platform. At the same time, beginners will definitely enjoy game-like challenges and handy interface.


For students ages 10+, we recommend trying CodeCombat. Students will learn necessary text-based learning drills through game-like experiences and tasks. The assignments will cover such aspects as basic syntax, arguments, and more.

CodeCombat is powered by RPG gameplay technologies that make learning exciting and highly detailed. Students get assignments that needed to be completed for their character to make it to the next level. If they fail to finish the task, the program automatically helps them learn the gaps. More advanced modules are available for students who already learned to code.


CodeAcademy will fit adults and young coding gurus ages 14 and up. The platform takes a more serious approach to learning, striving to prepare professionals. It has fewer games but more assignments targeting text-based coding drills and practices.

The platform still offers students to start with basics and then proceed to more complex assignments. The main goal is to help them learn how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. The coding program begins with HTML and CSS, but students can continue their studying of JavaScript, SQL, and other languages.

Code Monster

For those kids who have already mastered the basics, Code Master will be a useful addition. It offers interactive practice with Java that will add value to your child’s coding experience. The website will help your kids understand the logic of JavaScript programming through game-like tasks and assignments.

The entire learning process is split into several steps that impress with their graphic and interactive website design. To motivate kids to go further, their scores and results are also calculated and featured.


CodeMoji is a virtual school for future coders. Its curriculum looks no different than the school one and targets young students and their parents alike. This platform enables family learning but is focused primarily on kids.

CodeMoji delivers basic knowledge of coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) combined with website development skills. Even though the program strives to take a serious approach to learning, there is a place for games and fun there, too. Education is structured to comprise theory lessons and interactive, hands-on projects.

Code Wars

Another coding website that focuses on child education is called Code Wars. It fits students with a decent knowledge of coding and kids ages 14+. The website dares children to achieve mastery through challenges. This is possible through competitions and tasks helping students learn through gaming.

Kids can choose what game they want to play: the challenges can relate to CoffeeScript, Python, Ruby, Clojure, C#, Java, and other programming languages. When the challenge is completed, students are offered to review several possible options brought by professional coders.

Code Avengers

When it comes to graphics, Code Avengers may not be so impressive as the previous websites are, but it offers lots of free lessons to coders from elementary to intermediate levels. Thus, Code Avengers will ideally fit students of ages from 5 to 15.

The offered topics include anything from building web pages to creating apps. Young students can even try to develop their own games when they reach the necessary level. The convenient payment scheme offers five first lessons of each course for free so that you know that you pay for something your child really likes.

Final Words

Coding skills will be necessary for future professionals, just like computer literacy is now. To land a good job, doctors, accountants, lawyers, and others will need to optimize their performance by automating their processes. The best way to do it is to program repeat processes.

Modern employers already consider coding as a valuable asset. It allows employees to take the initiative and improve efficiency. Thus, when your kid grows up, coding will be essential for career advancement and good pay. Having all this in mind, today is the best time for you to think about your kid’s future and invest in it and try out one of the best websites to learn coding.


Victoria Dayton is a freelance writer for and a mom. She brings up two kids and strives to prepare them for future challenges. In this article, Victoria  analyzes the need for coding skills and lists several best websites for kids to learn programming.

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