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Our children are growing up in a much more digitized world than we used to. Thus, it is essential to adapt the educational tools to their media of material search. In this way, education makes sense. COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transition of education, with no options for millions of children online. As a result of pandemic changes, every self-respecting parent should know practical learning tools. It will help their children study well and remain interested in the new knowledge. Here we cover top educational platforms designed especially for kids, so read on if you have a young, curious learner at home. 

#1 Cool Math 

Most kids hate math, and it’s understandable. Math is challenging; as a rule, there is only one answer, and if you don’t know some formulas or can’t perform the calculations correctly, you’ll fail. Unfortunately, these challenges often lead to a situation when students buy paper assignments from professionals instead of trying to figure out the rules of math on their own. Cool Math aims to solve this issue by giving math knowledge in a whole new way. It’s great animation and hard-things-made-simple approach help students take a different perspective on math, saving their grades and improving comprehension. 


You’ll hardly find a more diverse and more interactive platform than Like many other free educational resources, it was created to enable children to review essential scientific concepts and study new topics with joy and ease. The resource is free, but you get access to a unique database with 30,000+ worksheets, engaging games, and online activities once you register there. Besides, the website features an easy-to-use progress tracker and a massive community of teachers and parents exchanging their valuable teaching experiences. Currently, the platform is used in 20+ countries by almost 30 million users. Besides a free resource library, has paid options for schools and institutions. Teachers using the features of can automatically create worksheets and lesson plans and access common core resources. 

#3 Funbrain 

Funbrain is among the few universal online learning tools you can find on the Internet. It features learning resources for kids from 1 to 13 years old, which means that your child can literally grow on Funbrain. The website has some ads running in between the lectures and activities. Still, it’s a modest price you pay for a massive free resource with books, audio materials, lessons, games, and other activities, making the process of education fun at any age. For parents’ convenience, the materials are categorized by grade and by topic. 

best online learning tools

#4 ABC Mouse 

The ABC Mouse platform is also an excellent resource for parents of kids of all ages. It has two subdivisions – Early Learning Academy for children aged 2-8 and Adventure Academy for children aged 8-13. All activities are fun and engaging, delivering education in a game-like way. The gamification element can encourage your children to move farther through the Academy’s stages as they can accumulate points and buy some fun stuff for those credits. Besides, there is a kid’s community in ABC Mouse. It has an integrated messaging system allowing participants to chat, play some educational games together, and form teams. In a nutshell, it’s like Minecraft, but way better in terms of educational value. 

#5 Wonderscope 

Are you worried about how to teach your child to read? Trying to arouse interest in reading in your offspring? Then Wonderscope is definitely an option to test. Of course, it’s not free, but the pricing for this platform is highly affordable, and the app delivers an outstanding AR experience to children. Imagine the wonder world of the book your kid is reading to come to life in your apartment. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

What’s more, the characters are interactive, and your child can play and talk with them by using voice and touch screen buttons. But play is not all Wonderscope has; if children want the play to progress, they will need to read words on the screen aloud. Otherwise, the magic will be gone. 

#6 Sphero 

If you see that your kid goes for math, science, and technology, Sphero is definitely what you need. Designed especially for STEAM education for K-12 children, this platform contains tons of valuable science materials and activities that also help in college. With the help of this resource, your kid will create their first programmable robot and learn the ABCs of engineering. Besides, it contains numerous kid-friendly coding books and resources. They give children a unique chance to hone their programming and engineering skills at an early age. Upon building their robots, young engineers can either program them with the help of existing open-source programs on Sphero or create their own programs, sharing them with their peers. Sphero is universal, offering some custom-tailored solutions for schools and teachers. Besides, it contains an extensive library of features for home use.

#7 Soundtrap 

If your kid’s talents lie more on the creative side, Soundtrap is exactly what you need. This platform hosts a variety of learning tools and educational materials on music and podcast creation. Maybe your minor is a future MTV superstar? You’ll quickly check this, nurturing the child’s musical talent with music creation tools and features. Soundtrap has over 4,000 available beats that your kid can mix. The app also has numerous editing tools to help create the soundtrack of your dream. Besides, it features online collaboration tools, helping kids unite in bands and write their own music. Once the kid’s music is ready, they can upload their tracks to Spotify. A great creative start for young musicians! 

Wrapping Up 

As you can see, the variety of online learning tools is breathtaking. The pace of technological progress is so fast that the online market has dozens of options on offer, no matter what your interests are. Another stimulus to use online tools is the growing spread of technology in colleges. Kids are the primary consumers of online educational material as their life is already unthinkable without the digital. We as parents can embrace the trend. By choosing only top-quality and effective learning materials we give our kids a competitive advantage in the modern knowledge-based world.

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