10 Reasons Why All Kids Should Learn Python

With a world that is constantly moving forward to become more and more tech-savvy, it is wise to consider a job in the field of computer science. Success is imminent for those who decide to work as computer programmers. Not only are recent graduates of secondary school wise to consider and prepare themselves for a career in software engineering, but parents should work hard to equip their children with basic coding abilities so that they can become eligible for the best jobs in the future. Let’s take a look at the top ten reasons all children should learn a computer coding language such as Python.

It’s an Important Skill

In a digital world that is becoming more virtual and considering the fact that everything has moved online, knowing how to program is an essential skill that is on par with knowing how to cook, how to balance your budget, and knowing basic social etiquette. Therefore, parents should encourage their children to learn the basics of Python for a successful future.

Children are Like Sponges

In comparison to adults, the way that children grasp new information is absolutely brilliant and enviable. Many psychologists and researchers claim that children are like sponges and they absorb all of the information that is taught to them. So, instead of struggling to learn the fundamentals of coding as an adult with other things on your mind, if you learn as a child you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Python is Easy for Beginners

No matter the age, of the programming languages, Python is one of the most straightforward to learn since it is easy to read and quickly turns their ideas into application. Since children are still trying to learn computing skills and don’t have decades of using computers under their belt, it’s smart to start with Python.

Popularity in the Job Market

While it is true that kids should be left alone to play and do things that youngsters do best, a lot of the time, it isn’t necessarily a bad idea to prepare them for their future by having them engage in classes to hone specific skills such as computer programming. Children who have embraced the coding language of Python at a young age will be better prepared for popular jobs in IT when they grow up and join the job market.

Learning Python Improves a Child’s Academic Performance

When a child is going through the process of learning Python, they are strengthening many skills and abilities such as logical thinking, creative abilities, and abstract ideas; these transferrable skills may be utilized in other academic disciplines such as Mathematics and English. Also, the problem-solving abilities that are worked on when learning Python can help a primary or secondary school student across many aspects of life.

10 Reasons Why All Kids Should Learn Python

It’s an Easy Skill to Learn at Home

Unlike some academic disciplines or topics of interest that need specific equipment and must be learned outside of the house, it’s worth stating that the basics of Python can easily be acquired from home with only a computer and an internet connection. So, if parents notice that their kids have a little bit of extra time on their hands, they might want their son or daughter to work on their Python coding skills without leaving the house!

Learning Python Makes Mathematics More Fun

It isn’t much of a surprise that many primary and secondary school students struggle with mathematics. However, when learning how to code Python, mathematics is front and center since coding is considered the language of maths. Hence, without even realizing it, children may learn more about mathematics while at the same time hone their logic and calculation skills.

Valuable Computing Skills are Improved

While it is a valid point that computing skills are improved when playing video games, at the end of the game, no matter how many hours of video games your child spent playing, there isn’t anything to show for it. On the other hand, when learning to program Python, keyboard and software skills are enhanced in your son or daughter while they are learning something that will benefit their future success.

Creativity is Enhanced

If you think that coding is dry, boring, and must be always followed the same, you are wrong. Programming is a creative job that allows the programmer to try new things and push the boundaries of computer science. A lot of the time, programmers are given the opportunity to create something new from code such as a webpage or a mobile application. Therefore, when Python programming is acquired at a young age, children explore their creative side and receive feedback about the small coding projects they took part in which leads them to want to do more creatively in the future.

A Sense of Accomplishment is Experienced

As is the case with anything, the joyful feelings that are associated with accomplishing something that you diligently worked on are amazing and unparalleled. Therefore, encourage your child by all means to continue their learning process of the Python programming language since they will not regret it when it comes time to look for a job after their formative years have finished. Also, it’s important to set small goals for your child when they are learning Python code since this will help them to feel content with the efforts they have made.

After considering all of the ten previously mentioned reasons why youngsters should learn the Python language of computer programming, you might be wondering where they can hone their skills with professional tutors. Thankfully, Codemonkey has various reputable courses such as the Beaver Achiever, the Coding Adventure, and Banana Tales to make learning more entertaining for students of a certain age. Also, by taking advantage of private tutoring sessions with Python tutors on sites such as Superprof, young programmers can receive remedial support to keep learning both productive and engaging.

No matter how your child learns the basics of Python coding, two things are certain: as a parent you are greatly helping your child and as a young learner, you are not wasting any of your time!

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