10 Benefits for Kids and Teens to Learn Coding

Learning how to code may be super challenging for adults, which makes most parents think it’s quite impossible for kids. But the reality, in today’s era of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, is that coding has increasingly become one of the biggest trends in the education sector. This might sound unbelievable, but kids are great when it comes to learning code. If a kid starts learning how to code from an early age, it opens the door to plenty of opportunities for both in terms of acquiring life skills and exploring career opportunities.

Here are ten benefits for kids and teens to learn to code:

Coders are in high demand

We live in the most unprecedented times of our lives, and learning to code will improve your child’s chances of a lucrative STEM career. Artificial intelligence (AI) and computing jobs are growing at a tremendous pace, twice the national average, to be precise. Coders are in high demand and have become a vital skill, and graduates with CS majors can earn 40% more compared to the college graduate average.

Coding gives you a competitive advantage

If you want to be more desirable in the eyes of admission officers and your future employers, start learning to code. This is one hot skill many of your peers’ lack and will give you the much-desired competitive edge when applying to colleges, internships, and jobs. Plain and simple.

Coding knowledge allows kids and teens to understand the world better

We are addicted to video games, smartphones, laptops, social media networks, and yet we hardly know anything about them. Basic programming knowledge will help you understand and interact with the technologies we use, most of which we take for granted.

Coding is satisfying and improves creativity

Coding can be an enjoyable and creative activity. You can develop apps, mobile games, websites, and more if you know how to code. Coding improves your creativity; it’s like learning a language. Computer coding will give you the power to come up with your own app or video game or website. These can be your creative outlet to express yourself. After all, you created something. So, what’s not to love!

10 Benefits for Kids and Teens to Learn Coding

Coding improves problem-solving

Coding required tackling complex problems and breaking them down into smaller parts for analysis. This helps kids and teens to learn and understand how to approach various challenges and problems using logic and computational thinking. This logical thinking is powerful and will help you a lot in school, work, and life.

Coding improves persistence

Just like learning something new, learning to code is challenging. When coding, you’ll come across complicated problems, make mistakes along the way, and handling them can be frustrating. Coding will teach kids and teens the valuable skill of persistence when confronting such challenges.

Coding teaches collaboration

Coding is about facing problems and solving them. Learning to code focuses on finding solutions through research and collaboration. Collaboration is a key element in learning how to code and a skill that in general helps kids and teens in school, work, and life.

Coding improves communication

Communication is a must-have skill in school, work, and life, and no matter what you do. If you know how to communicate complex ideas in simple terms, there is little to stand in your path to success in different industries and life. When kids and teens learn how to code, they can master the valuable skill of how to communicate with computers. After all, computers can only understand if they break down complex ideas and arrange them in ways they can comprehended.

Coding is a part of their education and literacy

Today’s children are growing up with electronic devices like computers, smartphones, digital toys, and many more. Learning how to code helps them to understand how software in their devices is running and how web pages appear on their screen.

Coding strengthens their academic skills

In addition to computational thinking and programming skills, coding fosters the development of executive functioning skills, such as problem solving, planning and mathematical thinking. Kids will be equipped with a skill set that will assist them down the academic road.

Final Thoughts

As Bill Gates once said, “Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.” I believe parents and schools around the world are very eager to teach their kids how to code. Of course, learning how to code won’t necessary turn them into professional programmers and one day maybe even be billionaires like Bill Gates; However, it indeed teaches them much needed skills that will help them in a variety of academic and life choices in today’s hyper-competitive digital era.

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