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Space Adventure

Write real code while playing a fun game!

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Learn a real programming language

Learning to code is becoming a part of the curriculum in K-12, a trend which is expanding rapidly around the world. Code literacy is considered essential not only for future software engineers but for many other occupations as well. A secondary benefit afforded to students learning to code is the development of algorithmic thinking as a basis for problem solving. This type of thinking is a crucial enabler for obtaining important 21st-century skills. Try CodeMonkey’s FREE hour-long coding courses to introduce your students to the basics of Computer Science in a fun and easy way.

Space Adventure

Students will write real code while helping a monkey astronaut catch bananas in space!

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space adventure



cute bird

17 LEvels

The game consists of over 17 levels


3rd - 8th GRADE

Space Adventure is great for beginner coders, no matter the age

coding adventure turtle

Real Coding

Students will learn CoffeeScript, a programming language that is easy and functional

chicken laughing

Easy to Follow

The platform is intuitive and instructions are easy to follow

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teacher notes

Access CodeMonkey’s teacher notes for Space Adventure to learn all the tips and tricks on how to host an hour of code in your classroom.

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