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CodeMonkey Jr.

A Block-based Coding App for 4-6 year olds


teach the foundations of code

CodeMonkey Jr. teaches preschoolers computational thinking skills and the basics of coding through the use of blocks. In a world filled with captivating creatures and bright colors, young students will join a monkey on a mission to collect bananas and unlock a treasure chest. All the while, students 4-6 years old will explore and learn the basics of code as they use blocks to program a monkey’s journey through the world.

codemonkey jr.

Students will program a monkey’s journey in order to catch bananas and unlock a treasure chest.

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pre-coding for preschoolers

ABOUT CodeMonkey Jr.


cute bird

30 LEvels

The game consists of four chapters with a total of 30 levels


4-6 year olds

CodeMonkey’s first-ever course for preschoolers – no reading or writing required!

coding adventure turtle

Coding concepts

Students will learn sequencing, loops, logic and more.

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block based

Using a block sequence, students will program the monkey to catch bananas.

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teacher notes

Access CodeMonkey’s teacher notes for CodeMonkey Jr. to learn all the tips and tricks on how to host an hour of code in your classroom.

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