Meet the Teacher: Barbara Cotter

Welcome to Meet the Teacher – CodeMonkey’s blog segment where teachers from all over the world share their experiences on what it’s like being an educator. Today’s post features Barbara Cotter, Tech Integration Specialist/Computer Educator/Curriculum Developer and Coordinator for PreK-Adult from the Caribbean, U.S.

“I choose to be an educator so as to be an agent of change and evolution of learning and teaching. This was perpetuated by the need for providing more voices and decision makers for policies that affect all human kind. As an educator, I’m fortunate to not only assist the learner in getting their voice heard, but in also assisting them, stand out above the chaos of multiple voices.

Educators choose to be passive or proactive. I choose the later, as challenges will be faced daily and knowing how to take them on or establish problem solving methods to handle them, is what makes for a well rounded or “Connected Educator’.

I think that education in the future will be limitless and not defined by what we hope to accomplish, but rather how far we are willing to go to try something new. Especially since to me, technology will be affordable and available to all, irrespective of SES or background. Education of the future will be and continues to be, directed by the end users-the learners.

My advice to aspiring educators is, if you’re going to venture into this profession, remember first and foremost, that it is a call. That as an educator, you are a disciple of change and influence. That such a call is not to be regarded as timed, but rather timeless. Educators are life-long learners. For as we breathe, so too, do we educate. To affect change for tomorrow, beginning with ourselves today.”

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