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Learning math can be challenging sometimes, especially for kids that are distant from their homes. However, math can be more fun if the students experienced educational math skill games. And there are many ways in which you can incorporate some of the following math websites for kids into their daily schedule. They can do it when they have free time in class or visit these websites from home. Whichever way, the kids will love it because the exercises and games are plain fun and the websites are kids-friendly.

Cool Math Games

Cool math-games website is just what the name says. This website offers the kids a unique and fun way to learn math. The thing that stands out is their section of jigsaw puzzles, where kids can turn a variety of photos into a puzzle. This kind of game helps the kids develop a spatial relation and build up a lot of skills. 

Math Blaster

Your success on this website depends on your ability to use your brain and your logic skills. Math Blaster has an amazing theme featuring outer space and aliens that will definitely get the kid’s attention, and in addition it allows them to become a variety of heroes based on their critical thinking and math skills. The website requires registration at the beginning, although the game itself is free.

Math Playground

Math Playground has its own motto “Play with Numbers, Give Your Brain a Workout.” They offer a wide range of games related to geometry, number skill practice, fractions, probability, algebra, logic, and many more. You can also find math world problems and even videos with instructions to help with the solving process on their website.

Buzz Math

Buzz Math is more oriented towards kids from 6-9 grade. This website gives detailed and immediate feedback and allows the students the freedom to progress. But most importantly, it contains high-quality problems, and their randomly generated values allow the kids to retry the problems repeatedly until they achieve mastery.

Fun Brain

This app is perfect for engaging young learners. They offer various games that reinforce mathematical problems, and all of them feature fun themes like unique landscapes, animals, and sports. This website also offers you an option to find the games by topic or by grade compatible with your kids.

First in Math

The games that this website offers are more compatible for kids that are in middle school. Their games are competitive, and the kids gain fluency and skill practice while playing these games. Although this website only offers a free trial, the full content is paid.


Paperell may not be the typical math website that contains games, but it is an easy-to-use and very helpful website. This is a website that writes essays, and as a professional from says “You can’t be a mathematician without being a poet in heart”. The writers from this service offer help with any kind of problems, including problems on math assignment writings. Kids can use this website to search for examples that will give them an idea for their assignments. Or to make things even easier, they can even let some of the experts do it for them.

Math TV

Math TV is a website that offers video lessons that go over the most relevant math problems. Some of their videos contain basic division and others contain converting measurements, but all of them have some step-by-step tutorials on how to solve the equation, which can be a fun and effective way for kids to learn.

math websites for kids


CodeMonkey is an amusing website that teaches kids all about codes and numbers, featuring a fun monkey theme. They offer all kinds of fun games and ready-to-go courses and even real and simple coding languages, and by using this website, kids can build up their math and coding skills. 


Teacher Vision is a very educational website because it connects math with other subjects providing the kids with all knowledge sources. As an example, the kids can do multiplication to the Great Wall of China. This website allows you to download activities for whichever grade you want, but it requires registration for access.


This website is sponsored by NSA, and it is oriented towards code-breaking and code-making. Crypto Kids website allows students to learn how cryptology is and learn ways to create and break codes.  This website may not focus on the usual math skills, but it builds up the critical thinking skill essential for success.

Manga High

The Manga High website offers basic games for kids that reinforce math skills. They also have some competitive games, in which the kids can play against one another or against the computer. This is a free website, but it also offers a subscription package that allows teachers to track the students’ progress and help them if they have some problems.

Khan Academy

The mission of Khan Academy is to offer free and world-class education to everyone. So, of course, they offer math resources. Their resources range from videos to practice activities and are available for all ages starting from kindergarteners. 

BBC KS2 Bitesize

Bitesize website contains math practice with humor in them, making them very fun activities. They offer all kinds of practices such as factors, ample practice with decimals, addition, multiples, subtraction, and many more. Using this website, the kids will definitely have fun and build up skills at the same time.


Math is all about solving problems, and solving problems requires skills such as classifying, counting, grouping and recognizing patterns, shapes, and numerals. And what better way to master these skills than with fun activities?  Kids start to gravitate towards that kind of activity from a very young age. If you give them colored blocks when they are toddlers, they will play for hours. And as they get older, they start moving to more advanced games like solving puzzles. So basically, the websites that we mentioned will give them exactly what they need to build up the necessary skills and engage them to learn while having fun.

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