Learning Coding Online – 7 Tips and Tricks

Careers are changing so fast these days, and now more than ever, people are changing their majors to pursue things they like. If you are planning on becoming a programmer and have basic skills, you may be excited to learn that there are enough tools online to guide you into the next chapter of your career. Of course, you may also need professional engineering resume writing services to put together a resume that shows your new skills in a way that gets the attention of future employees, but the first step is sharpening these skills.

We put together some of the tricks you can apply today for your coding career.

Start from the Basics

You want to learn everything right from the get-go, which means learning the basics even when they seem insignificant. Most students will want to skip to the third or fourth chapter because they feel like they already know the smaller matters in the first chapters, but that does not always work well for them. Computer programming requires that one earn the knowledge required from the very first step so that they can build on it as they move. If you are working with a tutor who moves too fast, for your own good you may have to ask them to slow their pace. If you are still a young coder, you benefit a lot from starting from the basics at that age.

Learn as You Go, even at School

You don’t have to know everything to get started. As is with any other job, the sooner you can put into practice what you have read online, the better you will be at it. You want to try and implement every small detail you read so that it can stick. There will be errors, of course, but that is when learning really happens. Putting in hours of practice each day will play a big role in helping you become the coder you want. While at it, learn to correct every mistake as you go so that the new things you learn are actually correct.  This practice pays handsomely in the future. Also, with every sample code you encounter, it is not enough to just read it. You need to tinker with it to fully understand it.

Code by Hand at your Young Age

Today, when most of the work you do by hand can be done better by a computer, someone may wonder why they should have to code by hand. Why do this? Because it is still the most effective method of learning to code. You learn to appreciate everything when you do it manually even when a computer could make your work easier. Also, at a job, you are likely to be asked to code by hand. If you are only proficient in feeding code into a computer and letting it do the work for you, you will certainly have a hard time. It is harder at first, but it gets easier over time, and you may even find that you favor it to using a computer because it challenges your thinking.

Seek out Online Resources

There are so many resources online that if you are not keen, you will be overwhelmed with information overload. Now, if you use these resources – both free and paid – to your advantage, you will find everything you need to sharpen your coding skills. There are dirt-cheap courses with great information that will move your knowledge from point A to B, and more expensive ones that will teach you even more advanced things. For whatever you need, just type it out in a search engine. There is always going to be a blog or YouTube channel explaining how to go about it.

learning coding online

Join Groups of Likeminded Young People

People are resourceful if you tap into the right ones, and so you may want to seek your community. There are so many online coders ready to help one of their own, maybe as a way to pay it forward. The first step in finding these groups is being ready to ask for help from strangers and offering to answer questions that you are comfortable with as well. Whatever little knowledge you have earned along the way could help someone else navigate the waters. The same network will come in handy when you are looking for new opportunities, so seek them out.

Learn More about Debuggers

Life is one big lesson, and it helps to always be open to learning. As a coder, that also means learning from bugs. Seeing a bug in a program you wrote shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Even better is being able to detect it and solving it quickly. Using debuggers will make the resolution even faster, but the first step is always finding the bugs. You may want to take the time to learn as much about debuggers as possible since they will be a part of your daily life as a coder.

Take Breaks

You may have detected a bug and then spent the last eight hours trying to debug it. It hasn’t worked yet you have done everything you know you should. Maybe what you need to do is take a step back and examine your work. You may be surprised at what you are missing when you take the time to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes. Failing to take breaks doesn’t always make you better at your job. What it might lead to eventually is burnout, and you don’t want to fizzle out before you get started. Learn to prioritize rest and breaks.

Enjoy Coding

Coding may not be your bread and butter yet since you are still young, and so you should have fun while at it. As you work, let it also be fun so that you get to mix both and do a great job while at it. You may also want to break from it a little by engaging in activities away from your laptop to create a distance between you and your job. Enjoy coding!

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