What do blocks, a beaver, and banana smoothies have in common? They’re all part of CodeMonkey’s latest game – Beaver Achiever!

Beaver Achiever is a brand-new course where 1st and 2nd graders use coding blocks to help CodeMonkey’s pal, the friendly beaver, complete different tasks in its habitat. Beaver Achiever follows the beaver’s natural setting and life in three activities that each focus on different coding concepts. Best of all – the course is fun, intuitive and easy to use!

Beaver Achiever Blockly Game

What to expect:

Beaver Achiever is divided into 3 short courses that each focus on different coding aspects. Each course has between 15 to 20 challenges, which is similar in structure to CodeMonkey’s math and coding course, Dodo Does Math. The first activity is a prerequisite for the other two Beaver Achiever courses and consists of helping the beaver to build a dam in the lake. As students drop one log on top of the other, they learn all about sequences and loops. In the second activity, students help construct the beaver’s home using conditional loops. The final activity revolves around helping the beaver host a smoothie stand and serve different customers and friends. If/else Conditions are the coding concept practiced here.

Teachers do not need any prior coding experience to successfully roll out this block-based coding course. The blocks used are very basic and limited in number, making it fairly simple code.

What is block-based coding?

Block-based coding simplifies the process of computer programming. Rather than writing out the code, students can drag and drop coding blocks that represent code. Block-based coding uses interlocking, graphical blocks so students don’t need to write. The benefit of using block-based coding is that it helps younger students learn the basics of programming without having to worry about the messy syntax that often accompanies code.

Block-based coding

Beaver Achiever is now available for purchase. You can request a quote here.

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