How to Host an Hour of Code with CodeMonkey

 1. Choose an Hour of Code activity that suits your classroom

For this year’s Hour of Code, CodeMonkey will feature a total of four courses, three of which are new. These fun activities are for students of any age and require no previous teacher experience to roll out.

2. Sign up your classroom

Teachers who want to host an Hour of Code event should setup classrooms with student accounts ahead of time. Talk to your school and aim for the entire student body to join in on Hour of Code. After all, it is free and students can share computers.

Parents can get involved through forwarding this email to administrators at local schools.

Sign-up Here

3. Plan your technology needs

Hour of Code with CodeMonkey requires an Internet Connection since all activities are web-based.

You can bring your class to the computer lab for one period so students can do Hour of Code together. If your classroom already has Chromebooks, I-pads, or laptop carts, your students can take turns doing Hour of Code throughout the week.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a computer for every student. Working in pairs requires fewer devices and students can collaborate to learn more and help each other out.

4. Celebrate your Hour of Code Achievements

Exposing your students to computer science is a crucial step in paving their path to a bright future. During and after the week of December 4-10, you should acknowledge your students’ efforts through sharing your classes’ Hour of Code experience and photos on social media with #HourOfCode #CodeMonkey.

Let your community know about your students’ participation in this international movement. Parents, family members, and friends would love to know that your students took part in this Computer Science initiative. You can send email messages to spread the news, but be careful and avoid spam filters to ensure success in your campaign.

5. Keep Exploring! Go beyond an hour.

After finishing Hour of Code, you can continue teaching and learning with CodeMonkey’s online platform. CodeMonkey offers fully-guided lesson plans, a CodeMonkey Instructor Course, and a Teacher’s Dashboard – where you can track student progress and gain access to all of the resources you will need to successfully roll-out CodeMonkey in your classroom.

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