Hobbies Related to Computer and Technology for kids

Are you looking for modern technology-related hobbies for your child? In this article, you will learn about the best hobbies related to computers for your kids.

New era – new opportunities

In the era of computers and digital technology, children have many new hobby opportunities. Unlike the previous generations, kids of the 21st century can master new skills from the comfort of their homes. They can develop erudition, thinking, attentiveness and critical thinking using a computer. It is very difficult to fully imagine what opportunities are now open to children. Everyone can agree, a lot of time is spent on social media, however, children only consume content. They don’t think they are capable of creating it, for example, by transforming a hobby into a blog. Even the Princeton report about The Impact of Home Computer Use on Children’s Activities convinces us of the high contribution of technology to kids’ development. Don’t underestimate computer hobbies, so rather read about the best educational activities for your children.

Web design

Web design is one of the most common hobbies. It may seem that this activity is not for children, but you are mistaken. With a huge number of website builders, kids can fully devote themselves to this hobby. Build sites instead of a Lego constructor – why not? A hobby can grow into something more serious as children get older. Web design is like learning English – this is the same contribution to the future. Now every business or entrepreneur needs a website to present their services. For kids, mastering web design can be an interesting and fun experience that will allow them to unleash their creativity.


Of course, programming is one of the top best computer hobbies. There are many reasons why kids should learn to code. Programming develops the skill of logical thinking, building algorithms and problem-solving. This hobby will teach the child to solve non-trivial problems and think outside the box. There are many programming simulators for kids on the Internet. You don’t have to immediately learn the complex low-level programming languages that top Google engineers use. Your kids just need to open simple tutorials in the gamification format. The programming skill is considered one of the most demanded in the world. Regardless of the chosen profession in the future, programming will make a huge contribution to the development of the child. Besides, coding isn’t just about building websites. Kids can also program computer games, modulate systems, study virtual reality and machine learning as the most promising areas.

computer and technology hobbies


Let’s move on to more creative hobbies and talk about blogging. In the modern world, it is already difficult to imagine children and teens without social networks. Sharing interesting information, creating stunning videos and beautiful photos, giving your opinion is all about blogging. Perhaps your child can run a themed blog, for example, about book preferences, DIY or even start a YouTube channel. You can find tons of ideas and recommendations for content creators on Movavi Blog. Blogging gives people the opportunity to find followers all over the world who also share the same passions. In addition, running a blog can be a source of profit in the future as well.

Computer games

It is popularly believed that computer games are controversial. Some think that this is a waste of time, while others are convinced that they are developing thinking, tactics, strategy and reaction. For example, Forbes has an article about an incredible study that showed the positive effects of video games on children. One of the advantages of computer games is the ability to play simultaneously with several players from all over the world. Therefore, there is a chance that your child can learn a foreign language. The gaming industry is developing very quickly, so now you can find games with an interesting storyline and high-quality graphics. Also, computer games are a hobby that is available to everyone who has a computer and an Internet connection. Regardless of physical or mental abilities, you can find the game to your liking. If you approach computer games as an educational process, you can find a wide range of cognitive and instructive game stories.

3D modelling

If earlier it was popular to build 3D models with your own hands, now in the era of technology, everything has moved to computers. For children, engineering applications will certainly be superfluous and complex. No need to load children with mathematical measurements and physical formulas. 3D modelling incredibly develops imagination, spatial thinking and mindfulness. It is also a great opportunity to learn how to design three-dimensional objects. As the 3D printing industry develops, modelling skill is a huge investment in your child’s future and a great hobby!

Animation creation

Children love cartoons, animation and everything related to it. Coloured moving figures, vivid emotions of characters – this is what attracts your children to sit in front of the TV screen for hours. What if you try to create such small cartoons yourself? Of course, drawing skills will be required here. But this is not the main thing, because the most important thing here is the idea. Imagine what a field for imagination there is in creating a plot for cartoons! Your child comes up with a story, characters and then recreates it – wow!

Wrapping it up

Overall, modern children have great opportunities to do what they are interested in. It is not necessary to choose one thing for life, you can try a lot and dwell on what your heart is in. Many people will say children already spend a lot of time in front of their phone screens. On the contrary, hobbies should distract them from social networks and mobile games. Of course, active sports can also be a hobby for your child. But watch out for the opportunities that computer activities provide for kids. Thinking development, mindfulness, analytical and spatial thinking are all just a part of what children get from technical hobbies.

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