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Bonita Springs Charter School took on a school wide competition to see what student could code the most with the best accuracy for a seven-day competition. The students used several of the CodeMonkey courses with first starting with Code Money Jr, then moving on to Beaver Achiever, Coding Adventure, and Skill mode part 1, 2, and 3.

There were 840 students competing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in their grade level to win a CodeMonkey Banana Key chain, a Code Master t-shirt, and bragging rights that they were the best coders of their grade level. This competition helped jump start the school’s coding program and got students interested in coding.

Students were coding day and night racing to beat their classmates to be in the top 3 of their grade level. Every morning Ms. Ehl would announce the top 3 students of each grade level, which changed on a daily basis and depended on who was coding the most. It was a close competition in each grade level with a few ties. On the last day of the competition everyone was anxiously waiting to hear if their name was going to be announced.

Below ended up being the results in our 7-day Coding challenge. Our top coder of the school was a 3rd grade students Parker Jensen who made it to level 210 in coding with 595 stars in our 7-day challenge. 
The winners in each grade level are listed below: 


  1. Valerie Perez (top girl in kindergarten) 
  2. Juan Hernandez
  3. Jacob Gonzalez 

1st grade

  1. Reagan Rundlett (top girl in 1st grade) 
  2. Matthew Macias 
  3. Kaleb Hoffman and Jackson Roling (tie)
Coding 1st grades 3rd place winner Jackson Roling

2nd grade 

  1. Robert Defrancesco  
  2. Kenneth Tran 
  3. Fiona Casteel  (top girl in 2nd grade)

3rd grade 

  1. Parker Jensen Cretella 
  2. Carter Vehec Armitage 
  3. Joshua Hernandez Chinn 

Top 3rd grade girls: Olivia Swanlaw and Juliet Crowley (tie)

Coding 3rd grade student winners

4th grade

  1. Samir Rojas 
  2. Kai Wu
  3. Jaden Radford 

Top 4th grade girl: Karla Perez Macz 

Coding 4th grade student winners

5th grade

  1. Madelynn Defrancesco (Top 5th grade girl)
  2. Robinson Gonzalez 
  3. Domonic Couch and Wendy Wu (Tie) 

Top remote (online) student: 

  1. Prrataap Dutta

Overall Top Coders for the School

  1. Parker Jensen Level 210 with 595 Stars
  2. Madelyn Defrancesco Level 175 with 686 Stars
  3. Samir Rojas Level 175 with 567 Stars
Top 3 students

Many thanks to Samantha Ehl, STEM Lab Teacher at Bonita Springs Charter School for sharing this wonderful experience and making coding more accessible and enjoyable for kids.

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