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Last week marked the 5th annual Hour of Code initiative within Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek). With a reach of over 835 million students in over 180 countries, these efforts have grown immensely since the first event, which attracted 15 million students in 167 countries.

Interesting Facts

CodeMonkey was a popular choice during this year’s CSEdWeek. Its activities were chosen by over 65,000 students in more than 40 countries – from the United States to Saudi Arabia, Germany, Russia and Cambodia. The top three activities played this year were Coding Adventure, Game Builder and Dodo Does Math.

In the United States, forty-four states played CodeMonkey’s Hour of Code activities during Hour of Code. The top states to choose CodeMonkey during this week were Texas, California, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York and Virginia.

How Schools Spent CSEdWeek 2019

“‘Compton celebrates Computer Science Week with over 10,000 students participating in Hour of Code! Each student receives an “I Coded” Sticker after completing the Hour of Code.  We also hold a Scratch Coding Competition and a Computer Science Expo where students have hands on coding activities with partners such as CodeMonkey, Apple, Google and Microsoft!”

– Michele Dawson, Senior Director, Instructional Tech and Innovation at Compton, CA

Go Beyond an Hour of Code!

Hour of Code is excellent at providing students all over the world with an easy way to get a taste of coding. However, if you are looking to make teaching students to code your New Year’s Resolution, it’s a great time to start planning how you will take your class beyond just an hour of coding.

CodeMonkey provides year-round curriculum that will help you achieve your goal. From lesson plans to a classroom dashboard, CodeMonkey’s courses come with everything you will need to teach your students coding in a game-based environment.

You can also find a full list of resources on its Beyond an Hour page. If you click on Explore, you will be directed to a full list of 3rd Party Educators that will help you find the computer programming resource that will best fit your needs as a teacher. This list compares resources by grade band, PD offerings, course length, hardware requirements and more!

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