12 Signs That a Career in Coding could be a Good Choice for Your Kid

Every parent wants their child’s dreams to come true. Our ultimate wish is for our children to lead a life they’re happy with, which they have chosen based on their own passions and interests. However, as adults, we are much more informed about the real world, markets, jobs and salaries. That’s why we can direct their interests into something that combines their passion and allows them to have a good life.

Here are some of the signs that your kid might be good at coding in the future, and could even start considering pursuing that career in their early days:

1) They love STEM subjects

The acronym STEM stands for:

  • science
  • technology
  • engineering
  • mathematics

Basically, all school subjects that fall into this category are coding-friendly. It’s a specific way of thinking and approaching problems. If your kid loves these subjects in school, they will definitely love coding, too.

2) They are natural problem-solvers

Some people get stressed out by problems, but coders thrive on them. If you see your kid enjoying a difficult puzzle and not stopping until they find a solution, they are a natural problem-solver.

3) They are more logical than emotional

Just like adults, children have different personalities and interests. And just like adults, there are children who are ruled more by logic than emotion. This personality type is more likely to enjoy a career of coding than, say, ballroom dancing.

4) They have already shown interest in coding

Nowadays, there are plenty of activities and apps that teach children the basics of coding, even for pre-schoolers. If you have shown these apps to your kid and they seem interested, it’s a good sign that they will be intrigued by the next levels of coding as they grow older.

5) They love computers, phones and apps

These days, all children spend a lot of time in front of screens. However, a good indicator that your child might be a potential coder is that they enjoy games and fun apps more than passive watching of cartoons, for example.

6) They’re interested in the basic principles of how things work

In line with the trait we have mentioned above, little coders will also be curious about how things work. When they see a toaster, they will not merely be amused by the bread-popping moment but will actually be curious to learn how it actually works.

12 signs that coding is good for your kid

7) They ask a lot of questions

This is another sign that a child is interested in learning about the background principle of things. Questions are our primary learning tools when we’re children. So, if your kid asks a lot of questions, it means they are eager to learn a lot of things.

8) They are quick to learn from their mistakes

Regardless of which activity we’re talking about, a common human trait is to make mistakes while exploring a concept or a problem. The difference between fast and slow learners, though, is that fast learners will utilize those very mistakes as part of their learning process. 

Little coders use mistakes to learn what to fix in their future endeavours. For example, if they are solving a jigsaw puzzle, they will not get frustrated by not finding the right piece but will use the information they have to find the right one more patiently.

9) They’re not afraid of hard and complex tasks

Most children shy away from tasks that are too difficult. Others start exploring a complex task and get frustrated after just a couple of minutes. If your kid is a natural coder, they will stick to a task for however long necessary.

This trait of patience is another hint that a career in coding might be a great choice for your child. If you notice that your kid doesn’t get as discouraged easily as some other kids their age, that’s a good sign that they can handle complex tasks.

10) They love playing by themselves

Many children prefer playing in a quiet environment by themselves. This is not a sign that they’re not social – they just prefer having the space to concentrate on their own exploring and problem-solving.

Maya Geller, an academic writer at BestWritingAdvisor, says: “Alone playtime is nothing negative. It’s actually the time when kids learn the most and the fastest.”

11) They’re more introverted than extroverted

We are all different, and no personality type is better than others. Still, there is a tendency that introverted people will more likely choose career paths that are more solitary and activity-focused. There’s nothing wrong with that, and this can actually allow your child to blossom socially. Instead of having their energy depleted by social interactions at work, they will enjoy their job and have enough energy to socialize in their free time.

12) They are left-brain dominant

Research has found that the two hemispheres of the brain are responsible for different tasks. The right hemisphere is where the centres for creativity, expression, music, etc. are located. On the other hand, the left-brain is responsible for logical processes, rational thinking and problem-solving. Allegedly, every person has a hemisphere that’s more dominant. If your kid exhibits logical and rational thinking way more than creativity and expression, they are probably left-brain dominant.


These are just some of the signs that coding might be a perfect career path for your kid. However, the most important aspect to keep in mind is that their interests might change over time. It’s important to expose your kid to as many different activities and fields while they are young. This way, they will have a spectrum of experiences and know what they want and like more precisely.


Melanie Sovann is a writer, editor and education advisor for students at EssaySupply writing platform. She’s interested in the topics of child psychology, gifted children and education. She has published dozens of academic articles related to these topics.

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