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Practice math as you code

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Practice Math with Code

Math can be quite difficult and confusing for children at first, so it is important to build up their confidence and to introduce it to them in a fun environment. Dodo Does Math offers students fun game-based challenges that will help them practice 2nd-4th grade math while coding at the same time! Try out this course with your students to see how well they can code a Dodo bird to the eggs.

dodo does math

Students will write real code as they solve math puzzles to help the dodo get to the eggs.

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cute bird

20 levels

In one hour, students will code through 20 self-paced levels.


2-4 grade

Students should be 7 years or older to play. We recommend completing the Coding Adventure Hour of Code activity prior.

coding adventure turtle

Real Coding

Using background in Coding Adventure, students will program the dodo to get to the egg.

chicken laughing

MATH skills

Students will practice measuring distances, adding, multiplying and more.

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teacher notes

Access CodeMonkey’s teacher notes for Dodo Does Math to learn all the tips and tricks on how to host an hour of code in your classroom.

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Standards alignment


Dodo Does Math aligns to the CSTA and Common Core standards so you know you are bringing a quality curriculum to your students.

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