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Train an AI model using your webcam

In this Game Builder course, students train an AI model to recognize different poses. The AI model uses the distances between key points on the body in order to detect the pose. When you start training the model, you will see blue dots that detect your eyes, elbows, knees, etc. These distances are saved in datasets that are fed to the model. Kids record their poses, train the model, and playfully test their AI creation by ultimately controlling the actions of the game's owl.

"AI is a Hoot" has three fantastic poses to teach the AI: squat, stand, and arms up. Watch the owl's response as it shrinks down when you squat, grows back to its charming self when you stand tall and springs into action with a joyful leap when you raise your hands high in the air. Get ready to have a hoot of a time!

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Are webcams safe for kids?

Yes! Your children's privacy is of upmost importance to us. If a child uses our AI widget, images are turned into vectors and the images are not collected or stored.

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AI for Kids

What is Pose Detection?

Training an AI model to classify different poses, often referred to as pose estimation or pose classification, is a common field in computer vision and machine learning. This type of model is typically used for a wide range of applications, including human activity recognition, sports analytics, gesture control, and more.

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