The CodeMonkey Team is here for you during this time

CodeMonkey's Response to COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 closing of schools, we are now offering a unique opportunity for students and teachers. As more and more schools close due to the current situation, you may be looking for trustworthy educational content you can engage your students with. We know that between helping your students adjust to learning from home to transitioning to hosting online lessons, life right now is anything but easy. That is why have decided to provide free FULL ACCESS to all closed schools. With full access to CodeMonkey, you can assign your students coding challenges and keep track of their progress all from home, leading to the ultimate remote learning experience.

If you are teaching your students remotely, you can submit a request to gain FULL ACCESS to CodeMonkey's content until schools re-open. If you are interested, please click on the button below to submit a form and we will schedule a call and provide you with free access until further notice.
be sure to Mention covid-19 in form's message


  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited Teachers & Co-teachers
  • Block-based Coding Courses
  • Python & Text-based Courses
  • Game Creation Courses
  • Online Support


During school closings, The CodeMonkey Team will be hosting a series of teacher and student-geared webinars, where students and teachers will learn how to get the most out of learning and teaching to code with CodeMonkey.
***PLEASE NOTE: CodeMonkey does not store student data***
When registering for a student-geared webinar, please make sure students use only their first name/nickname and their parent's email to sign-up


Tuesday, April 7th

CodeMonkey Office Hours geared towards helping teachers get the most out of CodeMonkey during this time

thursday, April 9th

3rd-6th students are welcome to join us for a fun and interactive CodeMonkey student- geared lesson


The Coding-Basics

Have your students tune-in to this first webinar where The CodeMonkey Team teaches students how to get started with CodeMonkey through a hands-on session.

How to set-up your classroom

For teachers just starting with CodeMonkey, watch this teacher-geared webinar on setting up a CodeMonkey classroom.

Tour of CodeMonkey Courses and Content

Get a tour of all of CodeMonkey’s Standards Aligned Computer Science Courses. 

Come and Learn with us: Beaver Achiever

Have your students tune-in to this webinar all about Beaver Achiever, CodeMonkey’s block-based course for 1st and 2nd Graders.

Come and Learn with us: Game builder courses and platform

Have your students tune-in to this webinar all about Game Builder, CodeMonkey’s game creation course and platform for 5th Graders and up.