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Introducing limited-time coding games exclusively available to CodeMonkey subscribers! 

Available for a limited time!  ✦  Block-based coding.  ✦  All coding levels.  ✦  Available for Schools, Home, and Trial users.

June 10-June 30

'Summer Birthdays'

Linus the Lemur - Monthly -Summer Birthdays

✦  10 Challenges 

June 17-June 30

'Beach volleyball'

✦  12 Exercises 

Join Linus the Lemur’s Summer Birthdays! From June 10th to June 30th, Linus is throwing a birthday party for all the Lumlums born in the summer. Your student or child will help collect party essentials like balloons, hats, candles, cupcakes, and juice boxes!

This game features 10 exciting challenges designed for kids in Kindergarten to 2nd grade. Through block-based coding, they’ll practice important concepts such as sequencing and times loops, all while having fun help Linus’s party planning! 

Dive into the fun with our Beach Volleyball game! From June 17th to June 30th, create an exciting two-player game to enjoy together on a single device. Gather your friends and let’s hit the beach for some volleyball action.

Using block-based coding, this limited time monthly activity features 12 engaging exercises, perfect for honing your coding skills while having a blast with friends. Join the fun and get ready to spike some fun into your summer!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to help kids try out their game-creating skills!

Бесплатная пробная версия

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Monthly Activities can be played for all coding levels.

CodeMonkey courses are completely web-based, meaning there is no need to download anything prior.
Да, всегда требуется подключение к Интернету.
CodeMonkey is available on web-based browsers.

Not at all! The holiday course does not require teachers to have any previous coding experience or knowledge.

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