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dodo does math


Enhance the way students practice math with a fun cross-curricular platform by CodeMonkey. Using a real coding language, students will solve different math puzzles and use code to help a Dodo bird reach its eggs!

free trial, credit card not required

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Dodo Does Math combines two important fields – math and computer programming. By integrating programming in the context of math problems, Dodo Does Math offers a much needed opportunity for teachers to expand the curriculum students are presented with in school.

math and coding for kids
Coding for kids - math


Each challenge uses CoffeeScript code, so students utilize a real-world coding language. While there are many coding languages to choose from, CoffeeScript is the perfect language for kids and beginners to learn since it has many real-life uses yet it remains intuitive to learn. CoffeeScript is similar to JavaScript in that it is primarily used for web applications, however, it has a much friendlier syntax that resembles the way we write in English.


With guidance along the way, practicing math and code has never been easier. Since learning programming at a young age helps students gain a lifetime of opportunities, the more intuitive the platform, the better. You can assign your class Dodo Does Math as extra math practice. Students can then independently continue practicing after-school as an AI system runs in the background and guides students with helpful hints and feedback.


dodo does math distances


In the first course, students will use addition and subtraction as they measure different distances to help the dodo get to its eggs – all using a life-like ruler.

Length: 20 challenges

dodo does math angles


In the second course, students will use a digital protractor to measure angles and write real code as they help the Dodo bird get to its eggs.

Length: 20 challenges


In the final course, students will improve their knowledge of the times table as they calculate the amount of lobsters to throw across the ocean.

Length: 20 challenges

teacher resources

teacher notes

Access CodeMonkey’s teacher notes for Dodo Does Math to learn all the tips and tricks on teaching the course.

Full lesson plans available with a subscription

standards alignment

Dodo Does Math aligns to the CSTA and Common Core standards so you know you are bringing a quality curriculum to your students.


  • Distances
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Measurement
  • Angles

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Dodo Does Math is designed for 2-4 grade.

Dodo Does Math is completely web-based, meaning there is no need to download anything prior.
Yes, an active Internet connection is required at all times.
CodeMonkey Jr. is available on web-based browsers, IOS and Android devices including iPhones, Androids, iPads and tablets.

Not at all! Dodo Does Math does not require teachers to have any previous coding experience or knowledge. Teachers can access lesson plans for the course as well.

Students need to have completed the first 30 challenges of Coding Adventure beforehand.