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The Israeli Coding Olympics

How CodeMonkey Got More Than 250,000 Israeli Students to Learn to Code

The Israeli Coding Olympics | Israel

In recent years, coding has become an essential skill, just like math, science, or English. However, getting young children to engage with coding can be challenging, which is why CodeMonkey, an award-winning online game, was developed. The game aims to teach children how to write real code through a fun and engaging game. 

The people behind CodeMonkey understand what it takes to get students engaged and what they all get excited about – Competition!

The Israeli Ministry of Education has partnered with CET and CodeMonkey to transform a whole generation of children and support the future of the Israeli technology sector.

Ofer Rimon, PhD. Director, Science and Technology Administration, Ministry of Education

Launching a nationwide coding competition: The Israeli Coding Olympics.

The primary goal of the Israeli Coding Olympics, launched by CodeMonkey in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Education and CET (The Center for Educational Technology), was to expose young Israeli students to coding. The competition aimed to encourage students to pursue high-school courses in computer science and, in the longer term, support the Israeli technology sector by creating a higher number of professionals.

In the competition, students between the ages 9–15 played through the CodeMonkey program, solved challenges, and worked hard to get the highest possible scores. Their goal was to participate in a final mega-event, in which only 100 schools were invited to participate and win prizes for their school. The idea was to make it fun and challenging. CodeMonkey wanted to show how intuitive, self-driven and easy to implement the platform is. It also was made clear that there were minimal requirements for teachers to start teaching coding with CodeMonkey.

Creating a friendly competition between schools, not students.

Over 250,000 students from over 1,700 schools through all sectors of society participated in the Israeli Coding Olympics. Of these, 100 schools were chosen to send student delegations to compete in the final event, and 400 students attended the final event, with nine delegations winning prizes. The competition received significant media coverage and exposure, leading to the creation of a new coding movement across the nation.

Competition can accelerate learning. It can provide students with the motivation to learn and improve their skills. When students compete against other schools, they are more likely to work harder, practice more, and learn faster to achieve their goals and outperform their competitors. They also feel a sense of unity with their teammates, adding to their self-confidence and encouraging them to progress in their coding education. Competition provides immediate feedback on performance. Regardless of whether they win or lose, students can learn from their mistakes and identify areas where they need to improve. This feedback can help them adjust their approach and accelerate their learning. Competing against others can expose students to new ideas and techniques that they may not have otherwise encountered. This exposure can expand their knowledge and help them learn more quickly. The pressure and stress that comes with competition can be challenging but also beneficial for learning. When students are under pressure to perform, they may be forced to think more critically, make quicker decisions, and learn more efficiently. The most positive benefit more than their new-found love of coding was the comradery and teamwork they realized they need to succeed. A life lesson for any future career.

Opening a world of possibilities for a computer science career path.

The CodeMonkey Israeli Coding Olympics successfully exposed a significant number of young Israeli students to coding, encouraging them to pursue high-school courses in computer science. By partnering with the Israeli Ministry of Education and CET, CodeMonkey was able to create a nationwide coding competition, transforming a new generation of children and supporting the future of the Israeli technology sector. CodeMonkey has continued to expand globally, introducing coding to students worldwide, and opening a new and exciting world of opportunities for them.

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