New Year, New Challenges!

Coding Adventure has 20 brand-new challenges! These challenges pack more fun, feature new characters, and provide teachers with more lesson plans. 

After much student and teacher feedback, we have added new challenges that will not only make your coding adventure more fun along the way, but make the harder challenges in Coding Adventure easier to transition into. We know it took some time but we wanted to take this opportunity to also add new lesson plans and characters! Can you spot one of them in the above picture? 🙂

The challenges added cover the coding concepts of variables and boolean operators(if and not).  These are topics that we found most students struggle with along the way. The 20 challenges added include 10 Story Mode and another 10 Skill Mode challenges that provide extra practice on the same coding concepts.  This will make 420 total challenges available.

Skill Mode was also added to the activity section of the CodeMonkey user homepage to facilitate easier access to these challenges. Coding Adventure is now divided into three parts, instead of two. Each section covers a different aspect in coding – from the fundamentals (challenges 0-75), to functions and conditions (challenges 76-210) to logic and events (challenges 146-210). Along with the existing challenges in this world (using conditions with until) we hope to strengthen students’ understanding of conditions and boolean-operators. These challenges will also introduce new characters – the penguins!

The changes will affect all users worldwide, however a student who has already completed the modified topics, will not need to go back and solve the new challenges that were added in order to proceed. For example, if a user reached challenge 140 before the change, they will not need to go back and solve the new challenges before continuing to challenge 141. They will be able to go back and solve the new challenges only if they please.

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