CodeMonkey Attends India’s Biggest EdTech Gathering & Wins Best EdTech Solution for K-12

Having established itself as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, a city in southern India, is one of the more urbanized cities in the country. Considering the rate at which Bengaluru has industrialized, it is no wonder that the city was chosen to host EdTech Summit & Expo 2019, India’s biggest EdTech gathering of the year.

This gathering, hosted by EdTechReview, took place at the Taj MG Road, a chic hotel located in the heart of Bengaluru. Yishai Pinchover, CodeMonkey’s COO and co-founder, was one of the 400+ EdTech startup founders who attended the bustling event: “Attending EdTechReview Summit was a fascinating experience. On one hand, I got to know a community of educators from all over India who innovate and embrace change and adopt new solutions into their teaching environment. On the other hand, at the expo as well as onstage in the pitch sessions and awards, I was exposed to a vibrant EdTech ecosystem with brilliant entrepreneurs at various stages showing successful and promising solutions to real problems in the Indian education market and other markets (shoutout to Cerebry, SkillAngels and MySchoolPage).”

Specifically, the problems that these break-through companies help tackle are:

  • The need for high quality, personalized, learning material
    • Cerebry helps solve this real-world issue with artificial intelligence automated creation of questions based on any educational material
  • An outstanding 80% unemployable rate of India’s graduates
    • SkillAngles prepares students for careers by equipping them with the real-life skills required in the workforce, through Game Based Learning
  • A lack of personalized teaching, especially in remote areas
    • MySchool Page provides online 1:1 tutorial sessions featuring customized lessons for the student to help them excel in their studies

In regards to applying these solutions on a broader level, Mr. Pinchover concluded it is possible as he commented, “During the talks and panels I got a glimpse into the history, state and challenges of the Indian school and higher education systems. My impression is that while many challenges are country-specific, there is still much open opportunity for global solutions in EdTech as in other domains.

At the Summit, CodeMonkey was presented with the great honor of the Best EdTech Solution for K-12 award and announced a partnership with Cambridge University Press India. Mr. Pinchover reflected,“One of the peak moments for me, apart from receiving the award, was the announcement of [CodeMonkey’s] partnership with Cambridge University Press India. The announcement was unplanned but spontaneously agreed between Cambridge’s managing director and me, as our teams had just finished the final negotiations. So we immediately got approval by the conference organizers before we went onstage. Thank you Utkarsh, Divya and the whole ETR team, as well as all attendees, for a great summit.”

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