codemonkey board game


A fun, fast-paced, witty board game, that captures the essence of coding and thinking ahead in a fun yet challenging way!

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Welcome to the jungle!

A game of fast-paced programming for kids,
loaded with monkeys, bananas, wits and little tricks.

Tyto team joined hands with CodeMonkey to create a board game in the spirit of their educational software. Our intent was to create a fun, fast pace witty game, that captures the essence of coding and thinking ahead in a fun yet challenging way, adding to it the great benefits of physical presence and social pleasure of any boardgame.

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In CodeMonkey – Going Bananas players control their monkeys in the jungle, trying to be the first to collect a set number of bananas and become the most satisfied (belly filled) monkey of the jungle:) It is a fast paced game of programming, of making the most of ever changing existing conditions in every round, of creating the best coding combos of movements and actions while outwitting your fellow monkeys, and as any monkey needs, a touch of little luck…


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Create the best movement/action combos to outwit your fellow monkeys and be the first to grab 'em bananas!

2 - 4 players
20 minutes
Coding for Kids

CodeMonkey is a fast pace turn based programming game. Each game is unique in its set up creating a different game scenario (jungle design). CodeMonkey is designed as a multi level game, streamlined from easy, with basic options of play, to slowly develop into a challenging game, surprising in gameplay and in its variations and complexity.

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